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a predefined formula that performs calculations by using specific values in a particular order or structure

statistical functions

Functions used to describe large quantities of data; average, median, minimun, max

SUM function

a predefined formula that adds all the numbers in a selected range of cells


the values that an Excel function uses to perform calculations or operations, the values in parentheses

AVERAGE function

adds a group of values, and then divides the result by the number of values in the group

MEDIAN function

a statistical function that describes a group of data by finding the middle value that has as many values above it in the group as are below it

drag and drop

the action of moving a selection by dragging it to a new location

comparison operator

symbols that evaluate each value to determine if it is the same (=), greater than (>), less than (<), or in between a range of values as specified by the criteria

conditional format

a format that changes the appearance of a cell - for example, by adding cell shading or font color - based on a condition; if the condition is true, the cell is formatted based on that condition, and if the condition is false, the cell is not formatted

COUNTIF function

a statistical function that counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given condition and that has two arguments = the range of cells to check and the criteria


conditions that you specify in a logical function

data bar

a cell format consisting of a shaded bar that provides a visual cue to the reader about hte value of a cell relative to the other cells; the length of the bar represents the value in the cell

detail sheets

the worksheets that contain the details of the information summarized on a summary sheet

Excel table

a series of rows and columns that contains related dsta that is managed independently from the data in other rows and columns in the worksheet


the process of displaying only a portion of the data based on matching a specific value to show only the data that meets the criteria that you specify

Find and replace

a command that searches the cells in a worksheet - or in a selected range - for matches and then replaces each match with a replacement value of your choice

Freeze panes

a command that enables you to select one or more rows or columns and freeze (lock) them into place; the locked rows and columns become separate panes

IF function

a function that uses a logical test to check whether a condition is met, and then returns one value if true, and another if false

Logical functions

a group of functions that test for specific conditions and that typically use conditional tests to determine whether specified conditions are true or false

logical test

any value or expression that can be evaluated as being true or false


the process of moving within a worksheet or workbook

NOW function

an excel funtion that retrieves the date and time from your computer's calendar and clock and inserts the information into the selected cell


a portion of a worksheet window bounded by and separated from other portions by vertical and horizontal bars


the action of placing text or objects that have been copied or moved from one location to another location

paste area

the target destination for data that has been cut or copied uing the Office Clipboard

paste options gallery

a gallery of buttons that provides a Live Preview of all the Paste options available in the current context

print titles

an Excel command that enables you to specify rows and columns to repeat on each printed page

scale to fit

Excel commands that enable you to stretch or shrink the width, height, or both, of printed output to fit a maximum number of pages

sheet tab

the labels along hte lower border of the Excel window that indentify each worksheet


the process of arranging data in a specific order based on the value in each field

summary sheet

a worksheet where totals from other worksheets are displayed and summarized


a term used to describe an Excel function that is subject to change each time the workbook is reopened; for example the NOW function updates itself to the current date and time each time the workbook is opened

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