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  1. Draft Dodgers
  2. Duck and Cover
  3. black separatism
  4. Reasons for Stock Market Crash
  5. Rosenbergs
  1. a Draft Dodgers Americans who opposed the war and left the US rather than fight
  2. b belief that Black Americans could only improve their lives by forming a separate society
  3. c Stocks Overpriced due to speculation
    Massive Fraud
    Illegal Activity
    Margin Buying
  4. d What you should do in case of a nuclear attack...
  5. e Charged with spying and giving atomic secrets to the USSR.

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  1. A space shuttle that exploded after launch in 1986. It shocked and horrified the nation.
  2. first mass production and marketed soft drink, in 1886 created as a cure for headaches. Later part of the Cola-Wars
  3. Military alliance formed by Soviet Union with satellite nations in Eastern Europe as a response to NATO
  4. supplying other countries during WWII
  5. Committed combat troops to Vietnam

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  1. Malcolm XBlack Muslim who argued for separation, not integration. He changed his views, but was assassinated in 1965.


  2. NATOInter-continental Ballistic Missile


  3. I Love Lucymost watched TV show in the 1950's


  4. Geography of VietnamSouth Vietnamese president that was catholic and strongly opposed communism. His poor leadership and corrupt government spelled doom


  5. Kent StateLiterary rebels against conformity and consumer culture