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  1. Civil Disobedience
  2. Gulf of Tonkin Incident
  3. Herbert Hoover
  4. appeasement
  5. Hiroshima
  1. a Satisfying the demands of Adolf Hitler in an effort to maintain peace and stability. it doesn't work
  2. b Alleged attack of US ships by North Vietnamese torpedoes in the Tonkin Gulf on August 4, 1964. Prompted the escalation of the War in Vietnam.
  3. c A nonviolent, public refusal to obey allegedly unjust laws.
  4. d President during the BEGINNING of the Great Depression
  5. e place of first atomic bombing

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  1. President of the US for the majority of WWII
  2. Turning point in war in Europe
  3. Stocks Overpriced due to speculation
    Massive Fraud
    Illegal Activity
    Margin Buying
  4. the Korean peninsula, fought between 1950 & 1953 which eventually ends in a stalemate
  5. Charged with spying and giving atomic secrets to the USSR.

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  1. Punji TrapTurning point in war in Europe


  2. Draft DodgersDraft Dodgers Americans who opposed the war and left the US rather than fight


  3. Richard Nixon1981-1989,"Great Communicator" Republican, conservative economic policies.


  4. Elvis PresleyKing of Rock 'n' Roll


  5. Lyndon B. JohnsonCommitted combat troops to Vietnam