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  1. Overlord
  2. I Love Lucy
  3. Speculating
  4. ICBM
  5. Reasons for Stock Market Crash
  1. a Inter-continental Ballistic Missile
  2. b operation to take back Europe from the Axis powers
  3. c investing in a risky business in hopes of making a large profit
  4. d Stocks Overpriced due to speculation
    Massive Fraud
    Illegal Activity
    Margin Buying
  5. e most watched TV show in the 1950's

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  1. policy recognizing the possibility that Eastern Europe was already lost to Communism
  2. October 29, 1929; the day the stock market crashed
  3. the Korean peninsula, fought between 1950 & 1953 which eventually ends in a stalemate
  4. A bombing campaign begun by LBJ against North Vietnam
  5. causing the leaves of trees and other plants to fall off (as by the use of chemicals)

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  1. Herbert HooverPresident during the BEGINNING of the Great Depression


  2. Lend Lease Act1981-1989,"Great Communicator" Republican, conservative economic policies.


  3. black separatisma militant Black political party founded in 1965 to end political dominance by Whites


  4. Lyndon B. JohnsonIncreased the number of advisors in Vietnam to 16,000.


  5. Buddhist MonksCommunist leader of North Vietnam