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  1. Franklin Roosevelt
  2. Pearl Harbor
  3. Lend Lease Act
  4. Torch
  5. blacklist
  1. a List of people who employers agree not hire
  2. b operation to take back Africa from the Axis powers
  3. c supplying other countries during WWII
  4. d President of the US for the majority of WWII
  5. e December 7, 1941

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  1. policies, views, or actions that harm or discriminate against Jews
  2. rule requiring men of a certain age to apply to a draft board and possibly fight in war.
  3. Stocks Overpriced due to speculation
    Massive Fraud
    Illegal Activity
    Margin Buying
  4. nickname given to shantytowns in the United States during the depression. Named after Pres. Hoover who was blamed for the Depression
  5. operation to take back Europe from the Axis powers

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  1. appeasementSatisfying the demands of Adolf Hitler in an effort to maintain peace and stability. it doesn't work


  2. Berlin AirliftDecember 7, 1941


  3. Coca-ColaRainy season that made fighting in Vietnam very difficult.


  4. Punji Trapa region in the central and southern Great Plains where drought and high winds caused much of the soil to blow away. Storm clouds extended hundreds of miles.


  5. Overproductionmake too much of something causing the price to go down