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type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages; powerful and addictive; produced synthetically (naturally) through the fermentations of fruits, vegetables, and grains
lethal drug with harmful physical, mental, social, and legal consequences
the chemical action of yeast on sugars
what is the 1st drink like?
an energy "rush" that masks alcohol's true effects
a drug that slow the central nervous system
What happens quickly after alcohol use?
persons' motor skills are lowed by reaction time
impaired vision
clear thinking and good judgement are diminished
What reasons play a role in who quickly a person becomes intoxicated?
body size and stomach content
the state in which the body is poisoned by alcohol or another substance and the person's physical and mental control is significantly reduced
Factors of influential use that cause Alcohol use
peer pressure
media messages
What causes peer pressure to create people to drink or not to?
accepted into a group
better to choice friends who don't choice to drink
What causes family to create people to drink or not to?
family can help you avoid it
parents disapproval is the #1 reason for alcohol use
What causes media messages to create people to drink or not to?
make alcohol use appear exciting, attractive, and fun
targets young people
use "to fit in, drink alcohol"
Which product do more teens in 9th grade see the most of?
beer or wine
How much percent of the 200 most popular movie rentals depict alcohol use?
How much percent of the top-selling rap recordings mention alcohol?
Advertising Techniques for alcohol
spend billions of dollars on advertising
appear on billboards, heard on television and radio, magazines and newspaper
analyze and interpret media that encourage of alcohol
What are the number one cause of death and disability in teens?
alcohol-related traffic collisions
What other types of death is alcohol also related to?
drowning, fire, suicide, and homicide
What is the law about alcohol?
you must be 21
if you are under 21 then it is illegal to buy, posses, or consume alcohol
What happens if teens break the alcohol law?
arrested, fined, and sentenced to youth detention center
the offender risks both damaging his or her reputation and losing and trust and respect of friends and family members
What is more likely to happen to teens who drink alcohol?
be victims or perpetrators of violent crimes such as rape, aggravated assault, and robbery
more likely to become involved in fights
Why are alcohol use and sexual activity a dangerous risk?
impairs a person's judgment, lowers his or her inhibitions, and compromises his or her moral standers
more likely to become sexually active, engage in sexual activity more often, and engage in unprotected sexual activity more often
lead to unplanned pregnancy, STDs and emotional scars
alcohol abuse
the excessive use of alcohol; before the age of 18
Alcohol use cause how many suicides?
Alcohol use cause how many homicides?
Alcohol use cause how many assaults?
Alcohol use cause how many manslaughter cases?
Alcohol use cause how many head injuries?
Alcohol use cause how many traffic fatalities?
Alcohol use cause how many drowning?
50% plus
What can happen at school if you are caught drinking?
ineligible to participate or may be suspended from activities and school
What does being alcohol free do for you?
maintain a healthy body- protects body organs from damage and decreases the chance of injury
make responsible decisions- clear head to make better decisions
avoid risky behaviors- sexual activity or drinking and driving and being a victim
avoid illegal activities- against the law to drink alcohol
Short-term effects of drinking influenced
body size and gender- small persons feels effect faster
food- food slows down the process
amount and rate of intake- faster- more the liver has to break down causes alcohol poisoning
Why do females become intoxicated faster and stay long then males?
high percentage of body fat and less water
enzyme that controls alcohol processing is 70% more effective
What can happen if you mix alcohol an dedication?
illness, injury or death
1/4 of all emergency room admissions
the process by which the body breaks down substances
multiplier effect
alcohol combined with medicines or other drugs; in which the medication has a greater or different effect than it were taken alone
Nervous system short-term effects
brain- becomes less able to control the body; movement, speech, and vision may be affected
memory- thought process are disorganized, and memory and concentration are dulled
judgment- altered and coordination is impaired
Cardiovascular system short-term effects
heart- low- increase in heart rate and blood pressure; high- heart rate and blood pressure decrease and heart rhythm becomes irregular; risk of cardiac arrest increases
blood vessels- expand; increased surface area of the blood vessels allows body hear to escape and the body's temp to drop
Digestive System short-term effects
stomach- some passes quickly from the stomach into the bloodstream; stomach acid production increases and often results in nausea and vomiting
liver- toxic chemicals released; inflammation and scarring
Respiratory system short-term effects
lungs- carbon dioxide formed by the liver is released from the body through the lungs
breathing- alcohol depresses nerves that control involuntary functions such as breathing; if an excessive amount of alcohol is consumed, breathing slow, become irregular, or stop
alcohol-drug interactions
alcohol slow down; increases the length of time that the alcohol or drugs
frequent drinking may increases the number of metabolizing enzymes in the body
metabolizing enzymes can change some medications into chemicals that can damage the live or other organs
metabolizing enzymes can change some medications into chemicals
alcohol can increase the effects of some drugs
driving while intoxicated or driving under influence
Blood alcohol concentrations (BAC)
the amount of alcohol in a person's blood, expressed as a percentage
What is defined as intoxicated?
.1 lowest .08 but signs as low as .02
What does drinking of any kind do?
slow reflexes
reduce a person's ability to judge distances and speeds
increases risk-taking behaviors
reduces a person's concentration while increasing forgetfulness
Consequences of DWI
harm to the driver and others
severely restricted driving privileges and/pr immediate confiscation of a driver's license
alcohol-related injuries, proper damage, and death
living with regret and remorse from these consequences
loss of parental trust and respect
arrest, jail time, court appearance, and a heavy fine or vail
a police record and possible lawsuits
higher insurance rates
binge drinking
drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks at one sitting
serious problem among young people
can cause alcohol poisoning
alcohol poisoning
a severe and potentially fatal physical reaction to an alcohol overdose; very dangerous and deadly
reflex prevents choking
cause vomiting
Effects of alcohol poisoning
mental confusion, stupor, coma, inability to be roused, vomiting, and seizures
slow respirations
irregular heartbeat
hypothermia- pale or blueish skin color
severe dehydration
Long term effects to the brain
addition- inability to stop drinking
loss of brain function- loss of verbal skills, visual and spatial skills, and memory
brain damage- long-term excessive use of alcohol can lead to major brain damage; reduce brain size; destroy brain cells
Long term effect to cardiovascular
heart- damage to hear muscle
enlarged hart
high blood pressure- damages the heart and can cause heart attack and stroke
Long term effects to the liver
fatty liver- fat build up that can't be broken down
alcoholic hepatitis- inflammation or infection to the liver
cirrhosis- liver tissue is replaces with scar tissue; lead to liver failure and death unless liver transplant
Long term effects to digestive system
irritation- digestive lining is damaged; lead to stomach problems and cancer of the stomach and esophagus
Long term effects of pancreas problems
lining of pancreas- swells to block passage *********
What happens when women drink while they are pregnant?
fetus gets blood stream alcohol; liver can't process the alcohol; serious damage to the fetus
Fetal alcohol syndrome
a groupe of alcohol-related birth defects that include physical and mental problems
Effects of fetal alcohol syndrome
small head
deformities of the face, head, or feet
heart, liver, and kidney defects
vision and hearing problems
slow growth and coordination
difficulties with learning, attention, memory, and problem solving
a disease in which a person has a physical or psychological depend on drinks that contain alcohol
impaired ability to study, work, or socialize normally
an addict who is dependent on alcohol
anyone and everyone can be an alcoholic
Symptoms of an alcoholic
craving- stron need
out of control- cannot limit themselves
physical dependence- withdrawal symptoms; nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety
tolerance- need greater amounts
health, family, and legal problems0 repeated injuries
Stages of Alcoholism
1. Abuse
2. Dependence
3. Addiction
Stage 1; Abuse
social drinking
becomes intoxicated regular- lead to blackouts and memory loss
begins to lie about drinking
Stage 2; Dependence
can not stop
physically dependent
tries to hid problem but it shows
blames others for problems
Stage 3; Addiction
most important thing in a person's life
les alcohol required to produce intoxication
What does alcohol play a major role into considering effects on family and society
14 million alcoholics
major factors of - car accidents, falls, drowning, and house fire
major tole in violent crimes- homicide, forcible rape, and robbery
people associated with an alcoholic; learn to ignore their own needs and focus their energy and emotions on the needs both that person
lose their trust in others, their self-esteem and their health
the process of learning to live an alcohol-free life
help by counseling and medication
alcoholic anonymous
living without alcohol- lifelong commitment
Steps to recovery
1. Admission- admits to having a problem
2. detoxification
3. counseling- receives counseling to them them live without alcohol
4. recovery- takes responsibility for his or her own life