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To officially declare the innocence of somebody after they have been charged with a crime


Being extremely determined and resolute in one's opinions; not influenced by others who ask to reconsider


An ingredient added to food to change the food in some way


to break up and give something different to someone or some people


hard or not possible to comprehend

be priced out of

to be forced out of competition due to pricing

be at issue

to disagree; to have a different viewpoint


consisting of two (units or components or elements or terms) or based on two


amount of money offered to someone in compensation for finding either a criminal or a person wanted by the law


principle, standard, general rule


salty fish eggs of a big fish that are consumed as a delicacy


Harsh criticism(n.), To submit someone or something to harsh criticism (v.)


pertaining to the gov't of a town/city


pertaining to the occurrences of citizens or groups of citizens within the state


a person or a thing is extremely important to something else


The uppermost part of something that rises or slants upwards (n.), to arrive at or rise to a peak (v.)


upset or disillusioned, especially after being excited or certain of something


to run away from or get around someone or something by using craftiness, skill or ingenuity


urge on or encourage especially by shouts

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