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  1. Anachronism
  2. Protagonist
  3. Metaphor
  4. resolution
  5. Apostrophe
  1. a something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time
  2. b the main character of a narrative
  3. c an address, either to someone who is absent. Often provides a speaker the opportunity to think aloud
  4. d point at which the chief dramatic complication is worked out (when problems created by the complication are solved)
  5. e figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things

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  1. a character in a work whose behavior and values contrast with those of another character in order to highlight the distinctive temperament of that character
  2. a literary device that uses contradictory statements or situations to reveal a reality different from what appears to be true
  3. consecutive lines that rhyme
  4. a dramatic convention by means of which a character , alone onstage, utters his or her thoughts aloud
  5. in poetry, when one line ends without a pause and continues into the next line for its meaning

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  1. Heroic Coupletcouplet written in rhymed iambic pentameter


  2. ProseWritten or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure


  3. MotifA distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition.


  4. Themethe central meaning or dominant idea in a literary work


  5. (metrical) Scansiona form of metaphor in which human characteristics are attributed to non human things