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Who founded the Guestapo and when?
Hermann Goring, 1933
What is the Guestapo?
Secret police of Germany
Who created the Milice and why?
Created by Vichy regime contre le Resistance
Why did people become members of Milice?
1. Receive nourriture
2. Vengence contre Resistance
When was the zone libre envahie par les allemands et les italiens?
nov 1942
What is the ligne de demarcation
La ligne que separee la zone libre et occupe
What is the name of the free zone
la zone sud
Why did the german in the north devastate france?
thats where they got supplies
What was the idea that Petain had of the Germans?
Be friends with them
After who was the the son of General de Gaulle named?
What was the name of the political party of de Gaulle?
le rassemblement du peuple francais (RPF)
What rank was Petain?
General de Brigade
When was Paris liberated?