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ModA: Components that Create Energy/Store Energy


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Items that produce electricity by mechanical means similar to the generators that soldiers use in the field to provide electrical power.
Wind Driven Generators
A fuze with an impeller mounted on the front, which is connected directly to the generator
Consist of one or more cells placed in a common container. The cells are connected in series, parallel, or series/parallel circuits depending on the amount of voltage and current required.
Thermal Cell
The electrolyte is in a solid inert state. When a pyrotechnic mixture is ignited, the electrolyte is melted and flows between the plates of the battery producing electricity
A device that stores an electric charge. Made of two metal plates with an insulator in between, and used extensively in ordnance, to provide the firing charge
A stop or catch that prevents motion, its removal unlocks a moving part
A component that contains explosives and interrupts the explosive train in the unarmed position. The slider moves during arming to complete the explosive train.
Firing Pin
A pin used in the firing mechanism. It pierces or strikes a sensitive explosive to initiate the explosive train.
The end of the firing pin that hits the prime.
An object, which revolves around a stationary component. They can either be flat or in ball form. They move by weights, springs, or centrifigal forces.
Escapement Device
A mechanical device that regulates the rate of transmission of energy
Are devices and features which prevent fuze arming until elimination or until they are rendered inoperative.
Safety Pin
Devices used in an item to prevent arming or firing during transport and handling, normally removed before use.
Arming Pin
A pin that is inserted in the fuze to prevent the arming cycle until its removal (if reinserted into the fuze it does not necessarily mean the fuze is safe again.
Arming Wire
A wire attached to aircraft to prevent the arming of munitions prior to their release from the aircraft, also known as the safety lanyard, or arming lanyard.
Bore Riding Pin
A safety pin held in place while the fuze is in a gun barrel or launch tube. It is released upon firing
Arming Delay
A mechanical, pyrotechnic of electrical device to delay the start of fuze.
Arming Device
Designed to perform the electrical and/or mechanical alignment necessary to permit the initiation of of the explosive train.