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When a patient comes to the office for care and then leaves and goes home, the type of care the patient has received is called


Family practitioners treat

all ages from newborn to the elderly

An otorhinolaryngologist treats disorders of the

ears,nose and throat

Which statement is NOT true about physician assistants?

they can open their own office after 5 years of experience

What is the most important reason for the medical assistant to be knowledgeable about the various health care delivery settings?

assistant can coordinate services needed

Which is NOT a duty of a medical assistant?

making diagnosis

To become a specialist, a physician must do all of the following,EXCEPT

complete an application within 1 month after medical school graduation

Why is it important for the medical assistant to be familiar with the the role of each member of the healthcare teams

assistant can better help coordinate the care of patients

Medical specialties improve care to patients because

all of the above(the physician has"advanced knowledge" in one area,the physician completed additional training that can benefit patient care, the physician passed a national examination in a specialty area demonstrating his or her knowledge in this area)

When a physician in private practice dies, "the life of the business"

dies with the physician

Which of the following describes a major contribution of the Greeks and Romans to modern medicine?

phrases and words that were derived from mythology and became medical terminology

How did the studies of the ancient Greek physicians influence the progress of medicine during the period of history known as the Dark Ages?

they discouraged further study because Hippocrates and Galen were considered to be the final authorities on matters of medicine

Which of the following organizations became the most famous medical school in the world in the 1800s?

Johns Hopkins University

Which was Abraham Flexner's contribution to medical education in North America?

the preparation and publication of a report that rated the quality of medical

Which scientist first described the manner in which the heart functions as a pump that continually circulates blood?

William Harvey

What was John Hunter's major contribution to modern medicine?

surgical techniques based on sound pathological evidence

Smallpox, among other diseases, used to be pandemic. This means that it was:

caught by many of the people who lived in a given country

What contribution made by Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis drastically reduced deaths that commonly took place in hospitals?

insistence on the disinfection of physician's hands before assitance with childbirth

Which assumption did Joseph Lister argue against when he made his contribution to medicine?

surgical infection is God given and inevitable

Which two scientists developed a vaccine that brought polio under control?

Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk

Which procedure was first performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard?

heart transplant from one human to another

The caduceus is a staff that historically belonged to:


The Father of Medicine contributed which of the following to medicine?

Hippocratic Oath

Which of the following individuals is considered to be one of the most brilliant minds working on the AIDS crisis today?

David Ho

Which of the following individuals was the fifth most cited scientist during the period between 1981 and 1994

Anthony Fauci

The health care team member solely responsible for diagnosing and treating patients is a________


The medical specialty that provides treatment for patients with heart and vascular disease is______


A(n) ________treats disorders of the female reproductive system


A(n)_____provides inpatient care and treatment for acute conditions


A(n) provides 24-hour-a-day nursing services to those who are unable to function on their own

skilled nursing home

A_____is a practice owned by one person who are legally responsible for the debts and taxes of the business

sole proprietorship

Physician are considered board certified once they have______

completed additional training and examination by the board of their specialty

A______can perform certain procedures under the supervision of a physician, examine and treat patients, order and interpret laboratory tests and radiographs, make diagnoses

physician assistant

A(n) _______provides services and assistance to people who require minimal help,such as cooking,laundry and help with medications

assisted living facility

A(n)_____ assists and meets the needs of terminally ill patients and their families


_______treat all patients, from newborn to the elderly

Family practitioners

A(n)________requires a license to work

registered nurse

Advantage of a_____practice are the greatest potential for profit,shared decision making,and shared facilities,equipment,and employees


The liability of a______practice includes being responsible for all debts of the practice


A______medical practice has more than three practitioners and several employees


During surgery, this practitioner administer and maintains the medications given to the patient to keep him or her unconscious during the procedure


A(n)______treats conditions and disorders of the male reproductive system


A(n)_____treats disorders of the eye


A(n) counsels patients with stress or emotional-related disorders


A(n) _______examines tissue samples for signs of disease


A_____treats the patient through manipulation of the spine to relieve musculoskeletal disorders


Which one of the following does NOT need a 4-year graduate degree to practice their profession?


A______is a health care professional who works in a laboratory and performs venipunctures

phlebotomy technician

In a______,the practice ends when the owner dies or closes the practice

sole proprietorship

A(n) _______treats disorders of the blood


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