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Introduction to professional billing and coding careers


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Patient account Services (PAS)
The actual handling and processing of data and claims is most often accomplished off-site by PAS. They handle hospital claims and accounts receivables for the sate in which the PAS facility is located.
Centralized billing office (CBO)
If a physician chooses not to handle claims within her facility, a contract will be signed with a CBO. CBO is similar to a PAS office except that it specializes in physicians' practices rather than a hopital.
Medical biller
Responsibilities may include submitting insurance claims, entering all patient data and charge information, and contacting the insurance carrier on outstandingor incorrectly paid claims.
Registered Health information technician (RHIT)
Responsibilities may include compiling, processing, and maintaining medical records of physican and hospital patients in a manner consistent with the medical, administrative, ethical, legal and regulatory requirements of the healthcar system.
Medical coder
They abstract and compile data from medical records for appropriate optimal reimbursement for physicians, hospitals, or professional charges.
Insurance Verification representative
contacts insurance carriers to verify benefit information for patients. May also perform precertification and/or proir authorization of services duties.
Admitting clerk
Has fac-to-face contact with patients. Registering and greeting patients, having patients complete paperwork, answering questions, data entry of patient demographic and insurance information, and requesting information and payment.
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