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  1. equivocal
  2. iconoclast
  3. elated
  4. feasible
  5. fortuitous
  1. a Possible, able to be done
  2. b in high spirits, jubilant; extremely pleased
  3. c someone who tries to destroy traditional ideas or institutions, person who goes against accepted authority
  4. d ambiguous; intentionally confusing; capable of being interpreted in more than one way
  5. e lucky; by chance

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  1. to deceive; a person who is easily deceived
  2. a standard or typical example
  3. instructive, designed to teach
  4. having a softening or soothing effect especially to the skin
  5. Two opposite parts of one whole

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  1. Diaphonoustransparent, capable of being seen through, very sheer and light


  2. germaneto reduce in strength, to weaken; to reduce in vitality


  3. guiledeceit, trickery


  4. harbingeran omen or sign, anything that foreshadows a future event


  5. effusiveemotionally excessive; overly demonstrative, showing excessive emotion; overflowing


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