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  1. dilatory
  2. Decorous
  3. guile
  4. germane
  5. harbinger
  1. a characterized by propriety and dignity and good taste in manners and conduct
  2. b relevant, appropriate, fitting
  3. c an omen or sign, anything that foreshadows a future event
  4. d deceit, trickery
  5. e habitually late, tending to delay or procrastinate

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  1. to reduce in strength, to weaken; to reduce in vitality
  2. lucky; by chance
  3. instructive, designed to teach
  4. a figure of speech that uses exaggeration to express strong emotion, make a point, or evoke humor
  5. in high spirits, jubilant; extremely pleased

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  1. equivocala standard or typical example


  2. dupedeceit, trickery


  3. effusivePossible, able to be done


  4. epitomea standard or typical example


  5. feasibledeceit, trickery