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State the purpose of secondary containment.

The secondary containment (reactor building, hatches, doors, blow panels and sealing mechanisms) with other secondary containment systems, (SGT, RB pressure control system, and RB isolation system) provide the means of controlling and maintaining potentially contaminated leakage from secondary containment volume to the outside atmosphere during normal operation or following a DBA LOCA or refuel accident.

List the secondary containment allowable leak rate.

Maximum in-leakage rate limited to 100% of the RB free volume per day at a reactor building negative pressure of 0.25 in H20.

List the secondary containment normal reactor building pressure.

Reactor building pressure control system operates together with the reactor building ventilation or the SGTS to maintain a negative pressure of 0.25 in H20, with respect to the atmosphere, which ensures that any leakage is into the secondary containment.

State the actions that occur on a main steam tunnel high pressure (GT 0.5 psig).

Overpressure of the main steam tunnel and tunnel extension is prevented by venting the main steam tunnel and tunnel extension to the atmosphere and to the turbine building. Blow out panels are placed at the north end, at the east side, and at the top of the main steam tunnel. The blowout panels are designed to blow off and permit venting when the pressure generated in the main steam tunnel, ventway and tunnel extension by a postulated pipe break within the main steam tunnel or extension exceeds 0.5 psig.

State the interlocks associated with the two door airlocks.

RB personnel airlock inner and outer doors are interlocked to prevent simulatneous opening of both doors.

State the interlocks associated with the truck airlocks.

RB truck bay interlocks may be overriden allowing doors and hatches to be opened simulaneiously. The interlock control and override panel is located in the truck bay airlock.
- Door R106 is the truck bay outer door (king kong)
- Door R103 is the truck bay personnel door
- Hatch A1 is the R471 hatch
- Hatch A2 is the CRD pump room hatch.
a) To open Door R106, door R103 and hatches A1 and A2 must be closed.
b) To open R103, or hatch A1 or hatch A2, Door R106 must be closed an locked.

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