Cell Organelles

Organelles are the cell's "organs". They are found in Eukaryotic cells. Nuclei have two membrances and communicates with the cytosol with their numerous nuclear pores. DNA is found in the nucleus, in the chromosomes. RNA is also here. Nucleolus: Inside the nucleus, the nucleolus produces ribosome. Cytosol: Liquid matter found in cells where the organelles float in it. A lot of cell digestion. Cytosol is full of proteins that control metabolism. Such as, transduction pathways, glycolysis, intr…

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Storage sacks for water, salts, food, etc.
Organelle that controls the cell's activities and contains DNA.
Supports the cell's organelles. Site of some chemical reactions.
Golgi Apparatus
Changes or packages proteins for export from the cell.
Contains digestive enzymes and helps get rid of dead cells, or cell parts and recycles them.
Found only in plants. Converts sunlight energy into stored energy (sugar) via the process of photosynthesis.
Cell Membrane
This acts as a protective barrier around the cell. It allows some materials to come in/out.
Powerhouse of the cell.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Transports materials throughout the cell.
Site where proteins are made.
Cell Wall
Serves as a barrier, protection, and structure for plant cells only.
Small structure found inside the cell.