John 9-12 Quizlet

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In John 9, the reason for the man being born blind was
for the sake of God showing His works in him
In John 9, why was the blind man's condition utterly hopeless?
Never had a man who was born blind ever been healed.
From the notes on John 8, suffering and disease in mankind are
not always a direct result of sin
From the notes on John 9, what did the Pharisees include as work, even when done on the Sabbath?
making clay from saliva
In John 9, when is it noted that the blind man was healed?
after he washed in the pool of Siloam
In John 9, we learn that the blind man's parents did not want to answer questions about the healing of their son because
they were afraid they would be thrown out of the synagogue for saying so
In John 9, we learn that the Pharisees expelled the man who had been born blind because
he had defended Jesus
In John 9, it is evident that the Pharisees were guilty of
willfully barring all evidence about Jesus
In John 9, we learn that, on learning who Jesus was, the man born blind immediately
worshiped Him
In John 9, what did the man born blind say to the Pharisees who asked him whom he thought Jesus was?
He thought of him first as a prophet.
What is the action application for John 9?
What is the title for John 9 in the notes?
Jesus, the Light of the World
What is the action application of John 10?
According to the notes on John 10, the number of commandments for men was a total of . . .
According to the notes on John 10, like pagan religion, Judaism had become a religion that had little place for ...
grace and mercy
Who is the gatekeeper referred to in John 10?
God the Father
What were the thieves and robbers guilty of in John 10?
causing people to believe a lie
In John 10, the Good Shepherd
knows His sheep; call His sheep by name; lays down His life for the sheep
From the notes on John 10, we learned that, in the Old Testament, which laid down his life for the other?
the sheep for the shepherd
In John 10, who is said to desert the flock when a wolf comes?
the hireling
According to the notes on John 10, who are Gentiles?
In John 10, what are the I AM statements in connection with Jesus?
I AM the Door of the Sheepfold; I AM the Good Shepherd; I AM the Son of God.
We learn in John 10, those who belong to God's flock have what assurance of their salvation?
God the Father and God the Son have them secure in their hands.
The Jews in John 10 pick up stones to kill Jesus because
He had affirmed His deity.
In John 10, what was noted about John the Baptist?
Though he performed no miracle, everything he said about Jesus was true.
What is the action application for John 11?
According to the notes on John 11, whose faith is affected by the safety of circumstances?
the disciples
According to the notes on John 11, whose faith is noted as being restricted?
Mary and Martha's
According to the notes of John 11, whose faith is noted for being hypothetical?
Mary and Martha's comforters
In addition to glorifying God, what other purpose did Jesus have for raising Lazarus from the dead in John 11?
to strengthen His disciples' faith
Which is not true of Jesus' enemies in John 11?
They saw Jesus' miracles as signs but still rejected Him.
In John 11, who prophesied that Jesus would have to die to save the nation?
In John 11, what was the stated concern of the Jewish leadership regarding Jesus' popularity?
that Rome would remove the Jewish leaders from power
In John 11, what did the Jewish leaders fear that the Roman authorities would do because of Jesus?
destroy the Jewish temple
How many days was Lazarus dead before Jesus arrived to raise him back to life?
4 days
In John 11, which disciple shows His love for Jesus by being willing to go with Jesus to Bethany where Jesus might be captured?
Which of the I AM statements is given about Jesus in John 11?
I AM the Resurrection and the Life.
What is the action application for John 12?
In the notes on John 12, we learned that Matthew and Mark add what other detail about the story of Mary anointing Jesus at this supper?
She also anointed His Head.
In John 12, what was Judas' stated complaint about Mary's anointing Jesus?
that she had wasted what might have been sold and the money give to the poor
In John 12, what was the real motive in Judas' complaint about Mary's sacrifice?
because he was a thief
In John 12, who is said to have defended and praised Mary for her anointing Jesus?
Likely, the large crowd accompanying Jesus into the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday were from ...
In John 12, the palm branches laid down in the path of Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem were symbolic of ...
In John 12, the meaning of "hosanna" is ...
Lord, save us!
From what we learn from the notes on John 12, what prophet foretold of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, riding on the foal of a donkey?
From the notes on John 12, why was Jesus not coming to Jerusalem at this time to sit on His throne as Israel's King?
because the people's hearts were not ready
In John 12, what analogy does Jesus use to show the need of having to die to save souls?
the death of the wheat seed