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  1. by chemically binding specific protein receptors
  2. mimic the action of thyroid-stimulation hormone tsh)
  3. Growth hormone inhibiting hormone
  4. a portion of the diencephalon, lying beneath the thalamus
  5. on the cells of the thyroid gland
  1. a Where are receptors located?
  2. b How will hormone affect specific cells to perform a function?
  3. c What does ghih stand for?
  4. d What is hypothalamus?
  5. e What are the effects does the graves disease have?

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  1. The pituitary gland, where is it located, what cranial bone is it located on and what is the name of the depression it is located?
  2. what are target cells?
  3. What condition occurs if a person had defects with adh receptors or has an inability to secrete adh?
  4. What 3 things will regulate hormone secretion?
  5. Exocrine glands

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  1. The release of most hormones occurs in short bursts with little or no secretion between burstsHow will the release of most hormones occur?


  2. Devistation consequences like sever mental retardationWHat are the effects of little secretion of thyroid hormone at birth?


  3. osmoreceptors activate the hypothalamic neurosecretary cells that synthesize and releaseThe receptor on the water soluble will be found where?


  4. Oxytocin & Antiduretic hormone?What does ghih stand for?


  5. A specialized cell or a distal portion of a neuron that responds to a specific sensory modalityWhat function does the hypothalumus perform for the endocrine system?


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