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  1. Secrete their products into interstitial fluid then the hormones diffuse into blood capillaries & blood carries them thoughout the body
  2. Amines, peptides & proteins, Icosanoiden.
  3. ADH
  4. Devistation consequences like sever mental retardation
  5. Oxytocin
  1. a List the three principle classes of water soluble?
  2. b What is the abbreviation for antidiuretic hormone?
  3. c What is prolactin target?
  4. d endocrine glands
  5. e WHat are the effects of little secretion of thyroid hormone at birth?

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  1. The pituitary gland has another name, what is it?
  2. What is the purpose of the hyphyseal portal system?
  3. When is oxytocin released?
  4. Where is the thyroid gland located?
  5. What are the 3 principle classes of lipid soluble hormones?

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  1. PrlWHat is prolactins abbreviation?


  2. A specialized cell or a distal portion of a neuron that responds to a specific sensory modalityWhat are receptors?


  3. Secrete their products into ducts that carry the secretions into a body cavity, into a lumen of an organ, or onto the outer surface of the bodyendocrine glands


  4. Blood vessels, NoWhat is the name of the blood supply which surrounds the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland? does this system supply the posterior pituitary gland?


  5. The mothers uterus and breastsWhat is graves disease?