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  1. Causes facial tissues to swell up &look pufy. Has a slow heart rate, low body temp, sensitivity to cold dry hair in skin, musclular weakness, general lethargy & tendonsy to gain weight
  2. an autoimmune disease that
  3. Diabetes insipidus
  4. Amines, peptides & proteins, Icosanoiden.
  5. Insulin like growth hormone
  1. a List the three principle classes of water soluble?
  2. b What condition occurs if a person had defects with adh receptors or has an inability to secrete adh?
  3. c What is graves disease?
  4. d What are the effects of too little secretion of thyroid hormone in an adult
  5. e what does igf stand for?

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  1. Where are receptors located?
  2. What condition do you have with little secreton of thyroid hormone at birth?
  3. The pituitary gland, where is it located, what cranial bone is it located on and what is the name of the depression it is located?
  4. How will the release of most hormones occur?
  5. What condition do you have with too little secretion of thyroid hormone if your an adult?

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  1. PrlWhat is the abbreviation for antidiuretic hormone?


  2. HyperthyroidismThe pituitary gland has another name, what is it?


  3. excessive release of a hormonehypersecretion


  4. signals from the nervous system, chemical changes in the blood & other hormonesWhat 3 things will regulate hormone secretion?


  5. Growth hormone inhibiting hormoneWhat the hgh stand for?