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  1. excessive release of a hormone
  2. Vasopressin
  3. Growth hormone inhibiting hormone
  4. Kydneys, swewat glands, and smooth muscle
  5. infundibulum
  1. a WHat is antidiuretic hormone's other name?
  2. b WHat is the targets of adh?
  3. c What does ghih stand for?
  4. d hypersecretion
  5. e List the slak like structure which attaches the pituitary gland to the hypothalamus?

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  1. What does ghrh stand for?
  2. The pituitary gland, where is it located, what cranial bone is it located on and what is the name of the depression it is located?
  3. What are receptors?
  4. What is hypothalamus?
  5. The pituitary gland is divided into two divisions each of wich has two name

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  1. osmoreceptors activate the hypothalamic neurosecretary cells that synthesize and releaseWhen is antidiuredic hormone released?


  2. Secrete their products into interstitial fluid then the hormones diffuse into blood capillaries & blood carries them thoughout the bodyExocrine glands


  3. just below the larnyx (voice box)Where is the thyroid gland located?


  4. signals from the nervous system, chemical changes in the blood & other hormonesWhat 3 things will regulate hormone secretion?


  5. The mothers uterus and breastsWhat is graves disease?