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  1. on the surface of the target cell, on the plasma membrane
  2. Blood vessels, No
  3. Congenital hypothyroidism
  4. signals from the nervous system, chemical changes in the blood & other hormones
  5. Releaseing and inhibiting hormones synthesized by hypothalamic neurosecretory cells are transported within axons and released at the axon terminals.
  1. a What is the purpose of the hyphyseal portal system?
  2. b The receptor on the water soluble will be found where?
  3. c What 3 things will regulate hormone secretion?
  4. d What is the name of the blood supply which surrounds the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland? does this system supply the posterior pituitary gland?
  5. e What condition do you have with little secreton of thyroid hormone at birth?

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  1. WHat is the targets of adh?
  2. What does sth stand for?
  3. Compare effects of endocrine system with those of nervous system
  4. Where is the thyroid gland located?
  5. What are the oxytocin's effects?

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  1. A specialized cell or a distal portion of a neuron that responds to a specific sensory modalityWhat are receptors?


  2. anterior pituitary & posterior pituitaryThe pituitary gland is divided into two divisions each of wich has two name


  3. Secrete their products into ducts that carry the secretions into a body cavity, into a lumen of an organ, or onto the outer surface of the bodyExocrine glands


  4. excessive release of a hormoneHyposecretion


  5. Diabetes insipidusWhat condition occurs if a person had defects with adh receptors or has an inability to secrete adh?