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  1. Releaseing and inhibiting hormones synthesized by hypothalamic neurosecretory cells are transported within axons and released at the axon terminals.
  2. Secrete their products into interstitial fluid then the hormones diffuse into blood capillaries & blood carries them thoughout the body
  3. Hypophyseal fossa on the sella tursica of the sphenoid bone?
  4. Oxytocin
  5. anterior pituitary & posterior pituitary
  1. a The pituitary gland, where is it located, what cranial bone is it located on and what is the name of the depression it is located?
  2. b What is prolactin target?
  3. c endocrine glands
  4. d What is the purpose of the hyphyseal portal system?
  5. e The pituitary gland is divided into two divisions each of wich has two name

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  1. Exocrine glands
  2. WHat is prolactins abbreviation?
  3. What is the general term for hormones which will stimulate the anterior pituitary to realease its hormones?
  4. The receptor on the water soluble will be found where?
  5. WHat hormones are released by follicular cells of the thyroid gland?

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  1. in adequate release of a hormoneHyposecretion


  2. Initiates and maintains milk production by the mammary glandsWhat is the effect of prolactin?


  3. In the nucleus and sometimes the cytoplasm of the target cellwhere will the lipid soluble receptors be located?


  4. The mothers uterus and breastswhat are the tergets of oxytocin?


  5. the floor & part of the wall of the third vernticlewhere will the lipid soluble receptors be located?