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Judge Ch 20: Key Concepts

HIST 144 @ Grove City; Spring 2012; Dr. Mitchell; Connections V2; Ch 20: The West in an Age of Religious Conflict and Global Expansion (1500-1650)
sacred rites believed to bestow the graces needed for salvation
a place of suffering that purified the soul so it could enter heaven
a remission of the punishment due for sins that were sacramentally forgiven; designed to reduce or eliminate suffering in purgatory
Ninety-Five Theses
a set of propositions challenging the Christian Church's power to forgive sins and grant indulgences; issued by Martin Luther in 1517
the elect
referring to people who uphold an austere moral code and simple religious practices
an economic system based on competition among private enterprises
a policy designed to create a condition in which a country's trading exports exceeded its imports in value
charter companies
trading associations protected by royal monopoly
cottage industry
a system under which peasants would make products in their own cottages and sell them to merchant capitalists
nuclear families
families made up only of parents and their children