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Respiratory Quiz 1 Ch1 thru 3

Mosby's Resp Care Equip
(FiO2%-20)/4=flow in liters
Calc flow in liters when FiO2 % is given
(Flow in liters X 4) + 20=FiO2
Calc % FiO2 when flow is known
convert fahrenhiet to celsius
convert celsius to fahrenheit
convert celsius to Kelvin
convert kelvin to celsius
(psi * tank factor) / flow (liters)
formula to calculate the duration of gas in a tank; Don't forget to convert to hours and minutes
(344 * weight (lbs) of gas only in tank)/flow(liters)
formula to calculate the duration of liquid in a tank; Don't forget to convert to hours and minutes
location O2 shutoff valves and known how to shut off; rescue patients near fire, alert personnel, contain fire and shut doors, evacuate
In the event of a hosptial fire, what is the first priority? What is the meaning of RACE?
know where the O2 shutoff valve is located and how to shut it off; RACE (rescue, alert, contain, evacuate)
What are steps to take in case of a fire?
what is the treatment for severe airway obstruction?
nitric oxide
treatment used for pulmonary hypertension in a newborn?
agency that oversees compressed gases for storage & transport?
heat treated steel tank; aluminum tank; type of tank & service pressure; DOT specs, manfucturers mark, owners mark, serial number
Cylinder markings: What does 3AA mean? 3Al? what are the 2 DOT specs listed on tank? 4 things on left side of tank?
complied with requirements; retest in 10 years;
What does a plus sign beside of the date on a tank mean? What does an asterisk mean?
green, brown, gray, yellow, red, orange
what color is an oxygen tank? helium (He) tank? carbon dioxide (CO2) tank ? air tank? ethylene tank? cyclopropane tank?
positioned away from bystanders
what is the best position for cylinder valve when cracking a tank?
PISS (pin index safety system), ASSS, DISS (diameter index safety system), low, DISS, quick
_____ is the the indexing system for small cylinders; _______ is the system for large tanks (e.g H, K) based on thread types that joins a regulator and an H cylinder; The exit point of the regulator is a ___ connection designed for __ pressure connections; Station Outlets have a _____ connection (terminal point of a piping system) which are either ____ connect or threaded;
pressure compensated
If the ball in a Thorpe tank rises quickly and then falls it is considered to be ____ _____
fractional distillation
Bulk O2 is produced by _____ ______.
dry cracked skin around nose & lips, twisting of tubing, discomfort from tubing around ears; allows higher degree of mobility/freedom (allows the patient to continue to talk, eat and drink while receiving the therapy)
What are disadvantages of a Nasal Cannula? What are advantages?
1-6 liters per minute and 24%-44% Fi02
Nasal Cannula (NC) FiO2 Flow?
1@ .24, 2%@ .28, 3% @ .32, 4% @ .36, 5%@ .40, 6%@ .44
Nasal Cannula (NC) liter flow in adults?
O2 enriched gas, patient, warm, premature; temp, humidity, FiO2; servo mechanism, FiO2, entrainment, 40%
incubators provide large volumes of ___ ___ gas to atmosphere immediately surrounding ______; provides ____ environment for ____ infants; Has variable ___, ___, and _____; ,the temp and humidity controlled by ____ ______; _____ controlled by air _______ device which delivers FiO2 less than ___%
compressed air, oxygen, pressures, compressed air, oxygen
In a blender, ____ ___ and ____ from a high pressure source enter a chamber where the _____ of the ___ ___ and the _____ are equalized;
decompression sickness, air embolism, CO2 poisoning, smoke inhalation, anaerobic infections, skin grafts, and refractory osteomyleitis;
For what are patients treated via hyperbaric oxygen (7 things)?
total flow=addition of air:O2 ratio
(e.g. sum of 1 : 3.2 = 4.2) & divide by flow (L/min) given in problem
Formula for calculating total flow of air entrainment device?
100-Fi02/FiO2-21, then divide bottom # into top to get air ratio, oxygen is always 1; add the total parts of ratio (ex: 1:3.2=4.2) and multiply it by the L/min given in problem to get total flow
Oxygen to air ratio calculation?
1.8flow rate; 1.6flow rate
Helium/Oxygen flow rate conversion; 80He/20O2? 70/30?
Patients tidal volume and respiratory rate; whether breathing thru nose or mouth;
What influences FiO2 delivered to a patient using a NC?
infection from surgery; hemoptosis and subcutaneous emphysema
complications of transtrachial catheter?
nasal bleeding and drying of nasal mucosa;
What are risks of giving O2 greater than 50%?
6 l/m 60%, 7 l/m 70%, 8 l/m 80%, 9 l/m 80+%, 10 l/m 80+%
what is the FiO2 of PRB (partial rebreather?
5-6 l/min 40%, 6-7 l/min 50%, 7-8 l/min 60%
what is FiO2 of a simple mask?
none, two
how many flaps on a PRB (partial rebreather)? NRB (non-rebreather)?
6 l/m 60%, 7 l/m 70%, 8 l/m 80%, 9 l/m 80+%, 10 l/m 80+%
FiO2 for a NBR (non-rebreather) mask?
PaO2=(Pb-PH20)Fi02-(PaC02*1.25), when FiO2 is >than 60%
What is the Alveoloar air equation? When do leave off the last part of the equation (*1.25) ?
2 to 80 parts per million (ppm)
What is the therapeutic does for Nitric Oxide (NO) ?
intermittent postitive pressure breather (IPPB), Good fitting non rebreather mask attached to a reservoir bag, with flow high enough to prevent collapse of bag.
What type of O2 device is used to administer Heliox treatment to intebated patient? to non-intebated patient?
max flow is 6 liters and % is (.24 -.44' % -.21) / 4 liters
convert % to NC if patient is not tolerating a mask? Also go backwards with the conversion % (this will be liter flow on NC)?
tidal volume (TV) x respiratory rate (RR)
How do you calculate minute respiration?
minute respiration
TV x RR results in ___ ___.
Gay Lussak's, p1/t1=p2/t2
the law that states: when gas is held at a constant volume, the temperature and the pressure are directly proporational. What is the formula?
Boyle's Law, P1xV1-P2xV2
the law that states: the volume that a gas occupies, when it is maintained at a constant temperature, is inversely proportional to the absolute pressure exerted upon it. What is the formula?
charles Law, V1/T1=V2/T2
the law that states: when a gas is held at a constant pressure, volume and temperature are directly proportional; What is the formula?
combined gas law, P1V1/T1=P2V2/T2
the law that explains: behavior of gases when any or all variables change simultaneously; What is the formula?
the reynolds number for Laminar flow is ____.
the reynolds number for turbulent flow is ____.
the reynolds number for transient (transitional) flow is ____.
poisoullie's law
the law that states: when you decrease the radius of a tube by 1/2, the the resistance increases by 16x;
venturi principle
pressure that has dropped as fluid flows thru a constriction, can be restored to a preconstriction state by gradual dialation, distal to the constriction;
bernouli's principle
states that as velocity of a gas increases, the pressure on the lateral wall decreases
760.50, PaO2=(Pb-PH20)FiO2-(PaC021.25);
conversion of 50% oxygen to mmHG if outside of the body? If inside the body with inspirational saturation?