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Definition of First Aid
First Aid is the initial emergency care provided to a person suffering from trauma or sudden illness until proffessional medical assistance is available to take over the care of the injured person
Aim of First Aid is
• Save Lives
• Prevent a patient's condition from worsening
• Alleviate or minimize suffering until proffesional medical care becomes available
Qualities of a good first aid provider
Technical knowledge by virtue of their training and learning

Holds a current first aid certificate

Is able to use their knowledge to assess the situation and administer first aid as needed

Is able to react confidently under pressure

Presents and maintains a professional appearance
First aid provider responsibility
Take charge of an emergency situation through definitive command and confident action
Survey the scene
Assesss the scene for danger to yourself, bystanders and the patient.
A feeling that the patient experiences and reports to you
Example of symptom
I have chestpain!
I am dizzy!
What you observe or detect.
Example of Signs
Shortness of breath
Evaluate signs and symptoms
In assesing an injured person, consider the signs and symptoms to determine the problem and respond to the emergency
Sources of information
Questions to patient
Medic alert
Be proffesional
Calm and reassure the injured person. Keep curious bystanders out of the way.
7 steps of a responsible patroller
-Survey the scene

-Evaluate signs and symptoms

-Gather information

-Be professional with prompt and effective care

-Communicate with appropriate personnel

-Communicate and report incident details
-Transport the injured person to medical assistance
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