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Core Competencies:
A. Setting the ___________
1. Meeting ______ and _______
2. Establishing the _________
-ethical guidelines
-professional standards
-coaching agreement
Core Competencies:
B. _______ the __________
3. Establishing _____ and _____ with the client
4. Coaching _________
-co-creating; relationship
Core Competencies:
C. Communicating ________
5. _______
6. _______
7. _______
-active listening
-powerful questioning
-direct communication
Core Competencies:
D. Facilitating _______ and _______
8. _______
9. _______
10. ________ and ______ setting
11. Managing ________ and __________
-learning; results
-creating awareness
-designing actions
-planning; goal
-progress; accountability
If the coachee brings up suicide in session what should you do?

Explain differences between _______ and ______ and be ______ that a therapist is ________.
How is a coaching session different then a regular conversation?

Coaching conversations are based on ________.
core competencies
If a client has just had a an eventful change in their work situation and wants that to be the topic of the coaching session what do you do?

_______ and remember, it is all about the _________.
-define clear takeaway
If a client wants to end a contract prematurely what do you do?

______ the contract _______. It is all about the _____.
-end; immediately
What is the most effective way to begin a coaching session with a regular client?

Allow the client _________.
to set the direction
What is the principle to follow when making a trade with a client for coaching services?

The coaching relationship must _________.
not be impacted
What do you do with a coachee who is not accomplishing their agreed upon goals?

______________ for failure to fulfill the goals.
Explore the reason
How important are the ICF code of ethics?

Every ICF certified coach is ____________ by these ethics.
What do you do if a client misses appointments, and doesn't seem engaged in the coaching process?

______ the client to consider how they want to _____.
-move forward
What do you do if a client asks you to consult, or offer other professional services?

________ what a coaching role is and is not.
How do ethics pertain to coaching records?

All records are __________. Records must be handled in a way consistent with ____________.
-state of origin
When is a coach in violation of ethics and standards?

__________ of personal information to a client.
__________ of services and credentials.
-intimate touch
When is a coach most apt to seek permission from a client?

When delving in to _________________ areas.
sensitive and personal
What is the value of a coach knowing his client's communication style?

The coach can __________ the client's in order to develop the coaching relationship.
direct his style toward
What should a coach do after delivering a powerful question?

Let ________ do the heavy lifting.
Leave _______ for processing and response time.
When a client shares an issue that is impacting his life, how do you establish trust?

Show ________ for what he is going through.
What do you do if a client breaks down during a session?

Let _________ do the heavy lifting as the client centers himself.
How do you respond to a coachee who opens a session with frustration at work, and no desire or energy to continue his employment?

__________ would ask the client what _________ want to focus on today or get out of our session today.
-active listening
-do you
What does the coach do if the client brings up an item that is unrelated to the coaching topic that he thinks should be further explored?

___________________ if it would be helpful to further explore the subject they have brought up.
ask the client
When confronting or challenging a client a coach must remember...

__________ is important.
If a client tells the coach that coaching is not working, what is an appropriate response?

Allow the client to ______ in a _______ and ________ environment.
When co-creating a relationship, what do you do when a client is overwhelmed by life?

Be _______ in the client's _______ on what is happening.
Partnering with a client and his learning style requires what?

_____________ the client's learning style in to the session.
What is the key for a coach in managing a client's anger and frustration?

Do _____ allow the client's anger to _________ the coach.
How should a coach share his professional insights with his client?

That is ______ the coach's role.
What makes a question powerful?

Requires ________ by the client.
It creates an environment for ___________.
-deeper thought
How do you handle a client who brings multiple issues to the table?
Ask where they want to ________.
When is it appropriate for a coach to use long descriptive stories?

When is an appropriate time to employ a metaphor?

To _______, or ______ a concept or meaning.
What makes coaching unique to other disciplines?

The _________ the agenda.
client sets
What often keeps a client from maximizing their potential?

limiting beliefs
What is a mismatch between words and body language?

When words and body language _____________.
do not match
What does active listening entail?

It hears what _____ said and what _________ said.
-is not
What is "mirroring"?

It is artful language that __________________.
paraphrases what the client is saying
How does a coach initially address a problem that the client is struggling with?

Ask them the _______ as to what the problem is.
How can a coach best help a client deal with anger and disappointment?

Give the client __________ their situation without judgement.
space to "vent"
When a client asks a coach for advice on how to move forward, what is the best coach approach?

Ask __________ that allow the coachee to consider and explore ______________.
-possible strategies
How do metaphors, stories and allegories help a client consider more options?

It enables a client to think _______ about an issue.
How does a client know a coach is listening?

_______ and __________ what the client says.
What makes listening effective?

When you listen for the ________________.
text and the subtext
What should a coach do when a client shifts from the initial focus?

_________ with the client and _______ in their _______ direction.
When a client conducts themselves in an unusually detached or frustrated way, what should the coach do?

Make an observation in a _________. Do not ____________.
-respectful way
-judge or advise
What is the number one priority when coaching a client

Helping the client _________ their _________.
When a coach tells a client that they seem anxious or agitated, what is he doing?

listening beyond the words
When a coachee does not achieve a specific goal, what does a coach do?

Ask _______________________.
powerful questions
What is the value of a story?

It communicates a ________________.
clients potential
If a client is unable to get beyond deep emotional pain, that is impacting every facet of their life, what should a coach do?

Let the client _________ and then _____________.
-explore options
What is an effective coach approach pertaining to feedback?

Feedback must be ____________________.
clear and direct
How should a coach handle pauses in coaching?

Allow ____________ to get the work done.
What is the purpose of coach's intuition?

To bring _____________ to the forefront.
unspoken issues
When a client asks for your advice on a similar situation that you have been through how should you handle this?

Acknowledge that you have been through a similar event and yet it is more important to consider what the client ________________.
desires to do
When a client is under stress and reverts back to an old behavior and doubts their ability to change what should a coach do?

Remind them of ___________ and assist them in __________________.
-recent victories
-planning for stressful times
How do you coach a client who feels stuck?

Ask questions that get them to ___________ what being free from this situation ________ or _________.
-looks like
How do you address a client who has no energy or passion for what they say is a great opportunity?

Ask about the __________ of energy for what they say is a great opportunity.
What is an effective approach to talking with a client who doesn't follow through on actions committed to?

Inquire as to what the client _________ about this situation.
How do you get to the issue with a client who is all over the place?

Ask them to ___________ it.
What is feedback in a coaching relationship?

An ____________ of __________ shared with the coachee.
-fact or behavior
How can a coach support a clients self-awareness?

Ask a ___________.
powerful question
When a client admits they have a difficult time getting work done because of focusing too much on irrelevant details, what is an effective coach approach?

Ask the client to distinguish between ____________ and ____________ issues.
If a client shares he doesn't have friends and tries to befriend the coach, what is a potential way of handling this?

Ask the client to consider a ____________ for making new friends.
When is planning and goal setting most effective?

When it is __________ by client and coach.
How do you help a client move to the next level?

________ and _________ the client's on-going learning.
How can a coach determine if the coachee is getting value from the coaching experience?

____________ the client.
check with
How does a coach support a client's self-awareness?

_______________ what "new awareness" they have obtained.
ask the client
What is a foundational principle of coaching?

The client's _____________ impact their actions.
What is the role of the client in action plans?

To be involved in designing ________ at ___________.
-every action
-every stage
An effective coaching plan is based on what?

_________________ goals.
S.M.A.R.T (specific measurable attainable relevant time-lined)
How can a coach support a client in changing a thought pattern?

Ask the client what has been the _____________ of current thought pattern.
How does a coach support a client's learning?

Ask the client how they can __________ their learning in to _____________.
If a coach feels that the client isn't gaining very much from a coaching relationship, what should he do?

Respect the client's ability to determine the ___________ of the coaching experience.
value and use
If a client is not technical and his supervisor has creative expectations on his performance, how might you coach this?

Have the client share how he has _____________ new or unusual technical problems in the past.
How is it best to recap action steps in a coaching session?

Done ___________ during the session.
by coachee
When a coachee wants to make a midlife crisis step, what is the role of the coach?

The coach should allow space for the client to __________ in a ______________ environment.
What is the coach's role in working with a client in goal and priority setting?

Facilitate a process around the client's _____________.
goals and priorities
How does a coach help a client gain self-awareness about their strengths?

Ask what has ____________ in the past and what ___________ were utilized.
-worked well
When a client does not take action and often changes the planned discussion, what is an appropriate coaching response?

Review original coaching agreement and _________ to the client's needs.
How do coaches share their insights?

By asking _______________.
powerful questions
If the client admits he only agrees to recent action steps in order to please the coach, what is an effective coach approach?

Ask the client what their ______________ is from this experience.
When a client is ready to quit as a result of a difficult supervisor, what is an effective response from the coach?

Investigate what a __________________ would look like.
conversation with the supervisor
A client is unable to work on a team because of a belief that "more people equals more conflict and competition", what might a coach invite the client to explore?

The client's belief that people are ___________________.
basically competitive
When a client is presented with two job opportunities, what is the best coach approach?

Invite the client to make a list and see how each job opportunity aligns with the _________________.
client's goals
When a coach has an insight pertaining to a client, what is the best approach?

_______________ to share the intuition.
ask permission
When a client adds a topic point in a coaching session, what should the coach do?

Establish a _________________ with the client.
coaching agreement
If a client tells you they want something and gives few options as to how to attain it, what is a possible way of addressing the stalemate?

Ask the client to describe the desired _____________ they are seeking.
What is an appropriate response to a client who does not follow through on action steps?

What __________________ of meeting your goals?
got in the way
How does a coach manage progress and accountability?

Ask the client how they will ______________ accountable.
hold themselves
If a client's assumptions and limiting beliefs are holding him back, how might a coach help his client?

Engage the client in a discussion on _______________ and _________________ that are holding him back and attempt to get him to ___________ them.
-limiting beliefs
When a client says they are not good enough in a particular role, what might a coach ask?

What are the roles where you ______________ good enough?
have been
If a client keeps saying they want to change a behavior and yet make no change, what might a coach say?

How _____________ is this change to you?
When a client commits to an action, what is the best approach for the coach?

Encourage the client to determine ______________ for self-accountablity.
their own method
A client claims he always works and has no time for himself, what is a possible coach approach?

Have a discussion around ________________.
"who" versus "what"
If a conflict arises between two clients and one asks the coach to intervene, what is an appropriate response?

Help the client devise _________________ the other person.
a strategy to confront
Helping a client see the end result is an example of what?

An _________________.
"envisioning" technique
How should a coach address a supervisor demanding information about a client?

Refer to the _____________ and invite the supervisor to go ___________ to the employee.
-coaching agreement
Who is most qualified to determine an appropriate course of action?

The _____________.
What is the value of emotions in coaching?

Provides a ______________________ and ______________.
-context for understanding
-moving forward
When coaching an individual who is impressed with your expertise in their field, it is important to do what?

Explain the difference between a _________ and a ______.
What is it called if a coach gets a kick-back when he refers a client to a diagnostic specialist?

A ___________________.
"conflict of interest"
When a person becomes frustrated with a coach who is not giving expert advice, what might the problem be?

The coach did not _________________ what coaching is and is not.
clearly explain
If a coach has expertise in the client's field, what could it lead to?

________________ with the client's issue.
Direct communication has what impact on the client?

Tends to __________ and ___________ for greater goals.
What must every coaching conversation include?

An agenda that is ________ by the ___________.
What opinions or insights can a coach give about a person they are coaching to another client?

What does master coaching require?

It requires _________, and on-going _____________ based on __________.
What is an appropriate response to a client asking the coach for advise?

Always start with getting them to ___________.
What is the next step after earning an ACC?

Develop your __________________.
coaching skills
Who is the expert in the coaching relationship?

The ____________.
Who has the answers in the coaching relationship?

The _____________.
If a person you are coaching in a group setting asks for individual coaching, what should you do?

Determine with ___________ what the client is looking for in a private coaching relationship and avoid any ______________ with the group setting.
-conflicts of interest
What is "coaching presence"?

An ___________ that is ________.
-open style
What makes "direct communication" most effective?

When it assists the client in gaining ___________.
greater clarity