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K12 History - Unit 5 Quizzes and Tests

What did the Tang Dynasty do that helped conserve the traditional values of Confucianism?
It revived the civil service examination system of the Han.
Which of the following was not an innovation or invention of the Tang and Song dynasties?
glass lenses for telescopes
Which dynasty did Kublai Khan establish in China in 1279?
Which correctly describes the extent of the Mongol Empire at its height?
It stretched from eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean.
What did the Tang Dynasty do to try and make the government more efficient and effective?
brought back the civil service examination system
What form of literature flourished under the Tang Dynasty?
Which best describes the rising prosperity under the Song Dynasty?
An emphasis on agriculture and trade resulted in a better life for most.
Which would most likely be the subject matter of a Song Dynasty painting?
a detailed landscape of a mountain valley
Which is not an example of a technological achievement of the Song Dynasty?
waterwheel for irrigation
What was the Silk Road?
a vast network of trade routes that stretched across central Asia
The Silk Road was responsible for the movement of all of the following except __________.
How did the native people of Mongolia live?
as nomadic herdsmen
Which best explains how the Mongols under Genghis Khan were able to establish and maintain a large empire?
They were skilled horsemen who adopted new military technologies and used terror as a weapon.
Which describes a lasting legacy of the Mongol Empire?
the introduction of Islam into central Asia
Which is not an example of China's influence on early Korea and Japan?
Japanese and Korean governments were true meritocracies.
How did Japan's geography influence its inhabitants?
Many Japanese earned their living from the sea.
Which was not something the aristocracy did during the Heian period?
produced beautiful pottery and jewelry
Which group in Japan's feudal hierarchy was awarded land and was responsible for providing soldiers to fight in wars?
Who was the first Germanic king to convert to what is now known as Catholicism?
Who was proclaimed the new "emperor of the Romans" by Pope Leo III in the year 800?
Which was not a way that Charlemagne promoted learning and education in Europe?
by defeating Germanic invaders
What happened to Charlemagne's empire after the death of his son?
The empire was divided among Charlemagne's three grandsons.
What was the purpose of the code of chivalry?
to prevent lawlessness
Who usually administered special church ceremonies, called sacraments?
village priests
During the early Middle Ages in Europe, who was subject to canon law?
Which is not an example of something the church used to influence medieval society?
the Eddas
Which is not true of the Church's role in the everyday life of most Europeans during the Middle Ages?
The church left education and learning to town officials.
Which is a reform the church made during the eleventh and twelfth centuries?
The church no longer allowed secular rulers to choose the pope.
Which statement best describes how the Crusades affected the relationship between Muslims and Christians?
The Crusades increased the bitterness and mistrust between the people of the two faiths.
Which statement describes one change that occurred in Europe during and after the Crusades?
The feudal system further eroded and a new middle class made up of tradesmen and merchants emerged.
Which institution kept learning alive in Europe during the Middle Ages?
the Christian church
How did the architecture of a Gothic cathedral reflect medieval values?
It helped worshippers learn Christian stories and feel closer to God.
What was the goal of the Crusades?
to take back the Holy Land from the Muslims
Which statement describes how the Crusades affected the relationship between Christians of the East and West?
The Crusades increased the divide between the two groups.
How was education and learning preserved in Europe during the early Middle Ages?
The Christian church preserved libraries and taught monks and others to read and write.
What was a key goal of cathedral architecture in the late Middle Ages?
to help people feel closer to God
What did William I do to increase his power in England?
He ordered a survey that enabled him to tax and govern his country effectively.
How did Henry II improve the English legal system?
He made sure legal rulings were written down so future judges had guidelines they could follow.
Magna Carta set England on a different path from France and other European monarchies. Based on this statement and your knowledge, how did the distribution of power in medieval England differ from that of medieval France?
It limited the power of the English king.
How did the distribution of power in medieval England differ from that of medieval France?
France did not develop an institution that could limit the power of the king.
What do most historians think was the source of the Black Death?
a bacteria carried in fleas on rats
How did the Black Death affect the population of Europe?
It killed more than one-third of the population.
What accusations did reformers in the late 1300s make against the church?
They accused the church and the clergy of corruption and materialism.
What two nations were the key participants in the Hundred Years' War?
England and France
Which statement best describes a factor that helped bring Europe to the brink of change by the end of the Hundred Years' War?
A series of crises had accelerated the end feudalism in Europe.
Which best describes China during the Tang Dynasty?
a golden age of stability and achievement
Under the Song Dynasty, farmers in China could use money instead of crops to pay their taxes. Which was the result?
Most farmers prospered.
Which is not an invention from the Tang and Song dynasties in China?
Which was an important result of the trade of many goods on the Silk Road?
exchange of inventions and ideas
Which describes the Mongols' rise to power?
They conquered large parts of Asia under Genghis Khan.
How large was the Mongol Empire under Kublai Khan?
It stretched from the Pacific Ocean to eastern Europe.
Which culture had the most influence on the development of society in Japan?
Which is a description of a shogun in feudal Japan?
military dictator
Which was a major event associated with Kublai Khan?
the invasion of Japan in 1274
Which was the result of barbarian invasions against the Western Roman Empire?
the weakening of Roman law and government
Which Germanic tribe emerged as the strongest following the fall of the Western Roman Empire?
Which king became the first Germanic ruler to convert to what is now known as Catholicism?
Which helped the spread of both Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity?
Which was an important contribution of Benedict of Nursia?
founding a new monastic community and set of guidelines
What did Charlemagne do to try to unify western Europe after defeating the Saxons?
He forced the Saxons to convert to Christianity.
What happened to Charlemagne's empire after the death of his son?
The empire was divided among Charlemagne's grandsons.
Under Europe's feudal system, which people were tied to the land they worked, unable to leave without permission?
Which was supposed to prevent lawlessness and skirmishes between knights in Europe's feudal system?
the code of chivalry
Which best describes the influence of the church on medieval society?
It influenced nearly every aspect of daily life.
What did Pope Urban II hope to accomplish when he called for the First Crusade in 1095?
recapturing the Holy Land
Which leaders battled each other during the Third Crusade?
Richard I and Saladin
In which way did the Crusades have a positive effect on medieval Europe?
Crusaders returned to Europe with new ideas.
Which was an attempt to form a bridge between the philosophy of Aristotle and the teachings of the Christian church?
Which is Thomas Aquinas famous for?
being a great scholastic philosopher
How did the architecture of Gothic cathedrals reflect the importance of religion in medieval Europe
It was designed to lift the gaze toward heaven and fill the mind with thoughts of God.
What was the Domesday Book?
a survey of every town in England for tax purposes