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an arrangement of items or events in which order is important.

independent events

events for which the outcome of one even does not affect the probability of the other.

dependent events

events for which the outcome of the first event affects the probability of the second event.


an arrangement of items or events in which the order does not matter.


the product of all whole numbers except zero that are less or equal to the number.


an outcome or set of outcomes of an experiment or situation.


a number from 0 to 1 (or 0% to 100%) that describes how likely an event is to occur.


in probability, a single repetition or observation of an experiment.


a possible result of a probability experiment.


in probability, an activity based on chance, such as tossing a coin.


the set of all outcomes that are not the desired event.

experimental probability

the ratio of the number of times an event occurs to the total number of trials, or times that the activity is performed.

sample space

all possible outcomes of an experiment.

Fundamental Counting Principle

If one event has "m" possible outcomes and a second event has "n" possible outcomes after the first even has occurred, then there are "m*n" total possible outcomes for the two events.

theoretical probability

the ratio of the number of equally likely outcomes in an event to the total number of possible outcomes.


something you can reasonably expect to happen in the future.


when all outcomes of an experiment are equally likely.

equally likely

outcomes that have the same probability.

simple event

an event consisting of only one outcome.

compound event

an even made up of two or more simple events.

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