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Body Parts Class List 2012

Body Parts list

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Break a leg
Good luck.
to hate someone's guts
to really despise someone
(to yell or scream) at the top of one's lungs
to really shout loudly
not necessary to think about it in order to do it
puppy dog eyes
very cute attractive alluring eye contact
cold feet (to get)
having second thoughts about a major life decision
to pull the wool over someone's eyes
to deceive or trick someone by concealing something important
to be like pulling teeth
something (an action) is very painful
to put one's foot in one's mouth
to say something very embarrassing or hurtful
to play it by ear
to do something without planning or improvise something
second hand
to learn something by heart
to memorize
a pain in the neck
something or someone that is annoying or bothersome
to be nosey
to be overly curious or intrusive
to give someone a hand
to help or support someone
to have a big mouth
to talk too much and can't keep a secret
to be caught red-handed
to catch someone doing something wrong at the moment it's happening
neck and neck
a very close competition or finish.
to keep an eye on someone or something
to watch something carefully
not to lift a finger
to be very lazy