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  1. varicose veins
  2. pericardium
  3. human blood
  4. platelets
  5. coronary bypass surgery
  1. a a vein graft is used to shunt the blood supply around the blocked area in a coronary artery - long recovery time
  2. b A tough thin membrane that surronds the heart. This prevents the heart getting damaged from rubbing against the inside wall.
  3. c Swollen, distended, and knotted veins which usually occur in the lower leg(s). The result from a stagnated or sluggish flow of blood in combination with defective valves and weakened walls of the veins
  4. d are cell fragments that play an important role in forming blood clots, when the blood vessel is cut platelets collect and stick to the vessel at the side of the wound.
  5. e average adult has 5L of blood, has two parts which are the plasma and cells

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  1. A system that is entirely self-contained and does not respond to changes in the environment.
  2. the insertion of a catheter into the coronary artery through an incision in an artery in the groin. A dye is injected that will be seen on X-ray images to determine blockages
  3. small veins that drain blood from the capillaries and then join to form a vein
  4. an instrument that detects the electrical signals of the heart. It produces an electrocardiogram
  5. blood travels through the tissues of the heart

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  1. arteriosclerosissmall vessels that receive blood from the arteries


  2. plasmaliquid portion of blood. Colorless watery fluid of blood and lymph containing no cells and in which erythrocytes and leukocytes and platelets are suspended


  3. stentThe thick muscular wall that separates the left side of the heart from the right side. The septum prevents oxygen rich and oxygen poor blood from mixing in the heart.


  4. circulatory systemthe system of blood vessels that carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs and oxygenated blood back to the heart


  5. systemic systemblood travels through the tissues of the heart


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