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surface appendages that allow a bacterium to stick to a surface

function of a bacterium's capsule


DNA-containing region in a prokaryote

nucleoid region

In a bacterium, where are proteins synthesized?


What name is given to the rigid structure, found outside the plasma membrane, that surrounds and supports the bacterial cell?

cell wall

The _____ is the bacterial structure that acts as a selective barrier, allowing nutrients to enter the cell and wastes to leave the cell

plasma membrane

The structure that regulates the passage of material into and out of this bacterial cell

plasma membrane

In eukaryotic cells the first step in protein synthesis is the _____.

transferring of information from DNA to messenger RNA

Which organelle plays a role in intracellular digestion?


Pancreatic cells, which secrete a large amount of digestive enzymes, are labeled with radioactive leucine and then chased for several hours with nonradioactive leucine. Photographic emulsions are prepared at different times during the chase. Assuming protein production occurs at a rate typical or eukaryotic cells, where would the black spots appear on an emulsion prepared 3 hours after the pulse?

exterior of the cell

what path does a protein in the secretory pathway take, starting from its site of synthesis?

Rough ER, Golgi apparatus, secretory vesicles, plasma membrane

How do proteins being processed in the ER get to the Golgi Appratus?

They are transferred in transport vesicles.

During a pulse-chase experiment, photographic emulsions were prepared at different times during the chase, and radioactive spots were detected at the following times and locations: 5 minutes: rough ER; 10 minutes: Golgi apparatus; 40 minutes: endosomes; 70 minutes: lysosomes; 140 minutes: lysosomes. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from these results?

The final destination of the proteins was the lysosome.

What scientific hypotheses can be tested by a pulse-chase experiment?

Movement of molecules through a cell over time

True or false? Proteins produced during the "chase" phase of a pulse-chase experiment are labeled with radioactive material.


What is the first step in a pulse-chase experiment?

Incubating cells with a labeled molecule

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