Family Dynamics Unit 1

15 terms by mdscott213

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blended family

either or both spouses have been married before and have one or more children from a previous marriage


everything about the way a group of people live

emotional development

a developmental process that refers to the ability to experience, express, and control emotions

extended family

several generations of a family


a group of persons joined by blood, marriage, adoption, or other bonds who are committed to each other and provide emotional support

family life cycle

series of stage through which an average family passes

foster family

provides children with substitute families while their parents are unable to care for them

intellectual development

a developmental process that refers to the growth of the brain and the use of mental skills

legal guardian

a person who has financial and legal responsibility for a child

moral development

developmental process that refers to the ability to know right from wrong

nuclear family

made up of a married couple and their biological or adoptive children

physical development

a developmental process that refers to the physical growth of a person's body, such as height, weight, and internal body systems


a way of acting to fulfill certain responsibilities in life, most often taught by family members

single-parent family

occurs as the result of divorce, separation, death, or having children outside of marriage

social development

a developmental process that refers to the way people relate to others around them

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