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K12 - History Unit 7 - Quizzes and Test Q

The class of commoners in Aztec society included all of the following except __________.
Who conquered the Aztecs and brought about the end of the empire?
Spanish soldiers and their native allies
Which group was very powerful and the best educated in Aztec society?
Which was a key belief or practice in the Aztec religion?
Human sacrifice supplied a diet of blood for Aztec gods.
Who eventually invaded and conquered the Aztec Empire?
Spanish soldiers and their native allies
On what was the Inca economy based?
What did the Inca believe about their rulers?
They were descended from the gods and never truly died.
What enabled Inca rulers to maintain a large and diverse empire?
good infrastructure, an official language, and a ready source of revenue and labor
Why did the Inca Empire fall?
Spanish soldiers invaded shortly after an Inca civil war, bringing disease and weapons.
What was the Renaissance?
a period of artistic and literary achievement in Europe between the late fourteenth and early seventeenth centuries
Which of the following best summarizes the significance of the Renaissance?
Artists and writers created extraordinary art and literature that combined new and traditional subjects with classical styles and new ideas.
Which describes one or more reasons the Renaissance began in Italy?
Italy had political stability and wealth and had not lost touch with Greco-Roman civilization.
Which of the following best defines humanism?
a movement that stressed the wisdom of the classics, human dignity, and human potential
What did the works of Dante, Giotto, and Petrarch have in common?
Their works show a transition from medieval to Renaissance ways of thinking.
Which was one of Machiavelli's main arguments in The Prince?
A good ruler should do whatever is necessary to secure and unite his state.
Thriving cities of the Italian Renaissance included all of the following except ____________.
What was one of the main factors that helped the Renaissance spread beyond Italy?
increased trade
Which of the following does not accurately describe a result of the invention of the printing press?
Books became expensive due to the high demand for them.
Which Renaissance artist was famous for his paintings of Mary and the infant Jesus and The School of Athens, which was painted in the library of Pope Julius II?
Name the great Florentine painter and sculptor whose works include the Pietà and the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
Who was a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, scientist, philosopher, visionary, and the Renaissance man? Some of his famous works include the Adoration of the Magi, The Last Supper, and the Mona Lisa.
Leonard da Vinci
Which northern European Renaissance artist was one of the first to paint on wood panels with oil paint? He also painted the famous Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, which had many realistic details and symbols.
Jan van Eyck
Who was the greatest playwright of the Elizabethan Age? Some of his plays include Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Hamlet.
William Shakespeare
Which of the following was not true of the Elizabethan Age?
There were no patrons in England to support the arts.
Who in Aztec society were the best educated?
Which does not describe Aztec religious beliefs?
Priests should have very little authority.
Which best explains the fall of the Aztec Empire?
Aztec enemies allied themselves with Spanish invaders.
Which connected the millions of people living in the Inca Empire?
Which best describes Machu Picchu?
a large complex of buildings high in the Andes Mountains
Which is the correct description of chasquis?
trained runners who carried news throughout the Inca Empire
Which two events weakened the Inca Empire prior to the Spanish conquest?
civil war and disease
Which best describes the Renaissance?
rebirth of interest in classical civilization, which led to enterprise and creativity in Europe
Which is the best explanation for why the Renaissance began in Italy?
Trade and conflict brought Byzantine and Muslim ideas to wealthy Italian city-states.
In which city did the Renaissance begin?
In which way did the Medici have an impact on the Renaissance?
They were patrons of art and learning.
Baldassare Castiglione is remembered for which work?
The Book of the Courtier
In The Prince, Machiavelli says: "It is safer to be feared than to be loved." Which is the best description of his meaning?
Rulers will have more success by demonstrating power rather than goodwill.
Which best explains the spread of the Renaissance to northern Europe?
Italian merchants traded with prosperous cities to the north.
Why is the printing press considered one of the world's most significant inventions?
It spread knowledge and spurred literacy.
Which Renaissance artist covered the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with masterful frescoes of religious scenes?
Name the Renaissance artist who produced detailed engravings that became famous throughout Europe.
Albrecht Dürer
Which masterful Renaissance artist was also a brilliant sculptor, architect, engineer, scientist, and philosopher who filled notebooks with backward writing?
Leonardo da Vinci
Elizabethan England is most famous for which art form?