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An idea for a law to Congress to pass

Balanced budget

A plan for spending in which a governmnet does not spend more money than it makes from taxes.

Stock Market

A Place where people buy, or sell stocks or shares in companies.


Retirement income


A time when industries do not grow and many people are out of work.

What feature fo the New Deal gave Americans confidence that the money they put in the bank would be safe?


Which president introduced the New Deal?


What states were most affected by the Dust Bowl?

Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas

Who was president when the Depression began?

Herbert Hoover

How did the Smout-Hawley Tariff affect the nations economy during the Great Depression?

It caused other countries to stop buying good made in the US.

What does unemployment measure?

The number of people without jobs.

What was a major cause of the Great Depression?

People borrowed money to buy stocks and companies couldn't repay the money when it fell.

What is an investor?

An investor is someone who uses money to buy or make something that will earn more money.

How did the Great Depression affect the everyday lives of AMericans?

The Great Depression made people homeless, made people unemployed, businesses failed, and hunger was also a big worry.

What were "Hoovervilles"? and why did they form?

They were what people called Shantytowns that the homeless buily. They were built because despite Hoovers attemps to make things better, they still lost their homes. The even called the newspapers they wrapped up in for warmth "Hoover blankets".

How did the Civilian Convervation Corp and Works Progress Administration help people get back to work?

CCC was a camp that helped young men get some income only ages 17-23 could work when they got paid $30.00, They had to send $22. back to their family. The WPA helped men and womem get some kind of income.

What is minimum wage and under which president was it established?

Minimum wage is the lowest amount that a person could be paid by the hour and FDR is the president that established it.

How did the work of the Tennessee Valley Authority change peoples lives?

The TVA cleared the Tennessee Valley that kept boats from getting threw then they built hydroelectric dams, These dams controlled flooding and provided electricity for the area. The TVA created jobs for many people in the area.

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