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the purpose of greek and roman mythology is supposed to show us the way the human race thought and felt untold ages ago.

what is the purpose of greek and roman mythology?

the first written record of greece was called the Iliad and its author was homer.

what was the first written record of greece called, and who was the author?

the myths show that greeks believed they were the center of the universe. they valued beauty and athletes.

what do myths show us about zeus change over the years?

the portrayal of zeus changed over the years because the authors of the stories changed. became more conscious of the demands of life.

why did the portrayal of zeus change over the years?

the theogony is a poem by Hesoid that is entirely about the gods. it is important because it is an account of the creation of the universe and the generation of the gods, and that is very important for mythology.

what is theogony, and why is it important?

the greeks did not believe that the gods created the universe. they believed the universe created the gods. heaven and earth were formed before the gods were.

what did the greeks believe about the origins of the gods and the universe?

the first parents were heaven and earth. their children were the Titans (also called the Elder gods) their grandchildren were 12 great olympians, which included zeus

who were the first parents, and who were their children and grandchildren?

homer described olympus as some mysterious region far above all other mountains on earth. not heaven.

how did homer describe olympus?


give the roman name for zeus


give the roman name for hades


give the roman name for artemis


give the roman name for hermes


give the roman name for hestia


give the greek name for juno


give the greek name for neptune


give the greek name for minerva


give the greek name for venus


give the greek name for mars


give the greek name for vulcan

the will of zeus was revealed at the oracle at dodona by the rustling of the oak leaves which the priests interpreted.

how was the will of zeus revealed at the oracle at dodona?

zeus' breastplate was the aegis, awful to behold: his bird was the eagle, his tree was the oak

describe the breastplate, bird, and tree that symbolized zeus.

the dual relationship with zeus and hera was she was his sister and his wife

what was the dual relationship between zeus and hera?

heras personality was an angry and jealous goddess who never forgot an injury. she punished the many women zeus fell in love with

describe heras personality

zeus's two brothers were poseidon and hades. poseidon ruled the seas and hades ruled the underworld and the dead.

who were zeus' two brothers, and where did they rule?

artemis was one of three maiden goddesses of olympus. she was the lady of wild things, huntsman-in -chief to the gods, an odd office for a woman. like good huntsman, she was careful to preserve the young; she was "the protectress of dewy youth" everywhere. aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty, the laughter- loving goddess. she was the daughter of zeus and dione in the illiad.

briefly describe the characteristics and functions of artemis and aphrodite

ares was the god of war, son of zeus and hera. homer calls him murderous, bloodstained, the incarnate curse of mortals. hestia she was zeus's sister and like athena and artemis a virgin goddess. she has no distinct personality and she plays no part in myths. she was the goddess of the hearth, the symbol of the home, around which the newborn child must be carried before it could be received into the family

briefly describe the characteristics and functions of ares and hestia

hermes had wings on his sandals and his hat. he had the caducues in his wand. he had these things because he was zeus;s messenger who needed to be graceful and swift in motion

what did hermes have on his feet, hat ,and wand, and why?

the gods of the waters were, poseidon, ocean, pontus, nereus, thetis, amphitrite, triton, oroteus, teh naiads, leucothea, palaemon, glaucus

name the gods of the waters

the main gods of the underworld were hades, persephone, the erinyes, sleep, death, and dreams

who were the main gods of the underworld?

the elysian fields were the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and virtuous

what were the elysian fields?

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