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How does miller motivate the people of Salem to accuse their neighbors, friends, and relatives of witchcraft?

1-Tituba, if you can save yourself by accusing people
2-Abby can accuse Elizabeth Proctor
3-Mr Putnam sees a chance for more land

What were Abigail and the Girls Doing in the forest with Rev. Parris saw them?

Dancing, trying to kill mrs proctor with a charm9abby) a pot, a dress, and a naked girl running around

Why is parris so worried about the evidence of witchcraft being discovered in his own house

Afraid it will ruin is Rep

What Does Rebecca Nurse think is wrong with the girls?

They are just being kids and going through a pahse

Why Is Mrs Putnam so edgar to prove witchcraft in the village

Her previous kids all died in child birth

Source of conflict between parris and proctor

Proctor does not like Parris's preaches/sermons and parris is a hypocrite. Parris complained about parris wanting the house and not having enough $

Relationship between Abigail and John Proctor

Had affair. Abby still wants him and johndoesnt

How does Abby feel about John's wife? Elizabeth

Hates her, thinks she is spreading lies abiut abby and blames her for all her problems

unusual about Giles Corey?

Sues people for his own amusement

Why is Thomas Putnam a bitter man

Believes that he should be in charge bc he owns the most land and is family has lived there the longest. He wanted a different town Minister

Reverend Hale?What does he accomplish

Reverend in Beverly, wrote books on witch craft and is suppose to be an expert. decides that girls are under spell based on abby's accessions on tituba Put's new ideas in abby's head

Why does Tituba confess so readily, and what do the confession initiate

She wants to save herself, but she then accuses people who are innocent and starts a wave of witchcraft trails

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