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  1. Tuscany, Modena, Parma and Romagna rejected their....
  2. Giuseppe Mazzini lead....
  3. New realists
  4. Who got to Rome first?
  5. Benjamin Disraeli was also the....
  1. a Cavour
  2. b Austrian rulers
  3. c young italy
  4. d group that understood the power of the press
  5. e first Earl of Beaconsfield

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  1. rejection of romantic idealism and subjectivity.
  2. classic liberal (free markets) British Prime minister, wanted wealthy to pay for poor, education and military reformer,
  3. importance of public opinion
  4. Napoleon III and Victor Emmanuel II
  5. Liberty was considered a birthright and parliament adapted to change.

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  1. Crystal Palace Exhibitrealist painter. The Artist's Studio, Burial at Ornans, Stone Breakers


  2. T/F Both of the Giuseppe's movements were successful.Napoleon III and Victor Emmanuel II


  3. Cavour was a premier under __________ and first minister under his son, ____________.Victor Emmanuel II


  4. Britain has a _________ economy.showed off modern technology


  5. Who involved Piedmont Sardinia with the Crimean War?Cavour