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  1. Who involved Piedmont Sardinia with the Crimean War?
  2. Camillo Benso di Cavour
  3. Gustav Courbet
  4. Who was the first king of united Italy?
  5. Benjamin Disraeli was also the....
  1. a opportunistic politician and realist. wanted to unify Italy and make it a major European power.
  2. b Victor Emmanuel II
  3. c Cavour
  4. d realist painter. The Artist's Studio, Burial at Ornans, Stone Breakers
  5. e first Earl of Beaconsfield

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  1. False. Both failed
  2. big scientist of the age who sailed around in the Beagle. Found the Galapagos islands.
  3. the red shirts
  4. classic liberal (free markets) British Prime minister, wanted wealthy to pay for poor, education and military reformer,
  5. Cavour

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  1. Why was Britain successful in changing without revolution?Victor Emmanuel II


  2. Treaty of Plombieres (against the AustriansNapoleon III and Victor Emmanuel II


  3. Who rote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection?Victor Emmanuel II


  4. Britain has a _________ economy.capitalist.


  5. Benjamin Disraeliconservative, British prime minister, wanted state intervention for poor, sponsored Factory Act 1875