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  1. Yellow fever
  2. Old immigration
  3. trench warfare
  4. muckrakers
  5. Corneilus Vanderbilt
  1. a disease that troubled in building if the Panama Canal
  2. b Immigrants that come from northern and western Europe;1830 - 1880
    Countries: Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia (includes Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
  3. c journalist who reported negative conditions of factories, cities, politics
  4. d WWI military strategy of defending a position by fighting from the protection of deep ditches
  5. e Leader of shipping and railroads

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  1. Retail center selling all kinds of goods
  2. The section of a passenger ship occupied by people paying the least amount
  3. against drinking alcohol
  4. Addition to the Constitution allowing direct election of Senators
  5. He worked with electricity/ devoloped a partical eletric lightbulb

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  1. initiativecitizens propose a Bill by petitioning with a specific number of signatures from registered voters


  2. USS MaineBattleship which exploded in Havana Harbor


  3. "Seward's Folly"Business people who are willing to take a risk; synonym- entrepreneur


  4. 18th AmendmentAddition to the Constitution allowing direct election of Senators


  5. Franz FerdinanGerman man who visited Sarajevo with his wife Sophie and got assassinated Gavrilo Princip