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  1. Jane Addams
  2. "Seward's Folly"
  3. Yellow fever
  4. referendum
  5. 19th Amendment
  1. a Founder of Hull House
  2. b people can vote directly on a proposed law
  3. c Nickname given to purchase of Alaska
  4. d Addition to the Constitution giving women the right to vote
  5. e disease that troubled in building if the Panama Canal

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  1. Term to describe time period of the newly rich created by the growth of industry
  2. against drinking alcohol
  3. International congress of nations formed in 1919 that was designed to settle disputes and maintain peace and collective security; an organization created by nations from all over the world; Goal was to eliminate future wars
  4. Business people who are willing to take a risk; synonym- entrepreneur
  5. Addition to the Constitution allowing direct election of Senators

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  1. Yellow Journalismdisease that troubled in building if the Panama Canal


  2. Mail OrderBuying from catologue; delivered by railroad or wagon


  3. Susan B AnthonyGrowth of cities


  4. militarismBritish passenger liner sunk by a German U- boat in May 1915; the deaths of 126 Americans onboard contributed to the US entry in WWI


  5. Homestead StrikeA violent work stoppage at a Carnegie plant in PA