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  1. Naturalization
  2. Nationalism
  3. urbanization
  4. 4 MAIN reasons for WWI
  5. Andrew Carnegie
  1. a Militarism
  2. b He controlled the steel industry
  3. c Growth of cities
  4. d Process immigrants go through to become American citizens
  5. e The belief that a specific nation, language, or culture is superior to others; pride in your country on steroids

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  1. This person worked to achieve vote for women
  2. Neighboorhood center staffed by professionals and volunteers offering to the poor
  3. Farming
  4. Political Party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, counts, polls
  5. US bonds sold during WWI to raise money for loans to the Allies; when cashed in would repay with interest; a way to help pay for war craft

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  1. 19th AmendmentAddition to the Constitution giving women the right to vote


  2. ProgressivesModerate reformers who worked to protect, preserve, improve American society


  3. Monroe DoctrineCombined the assembly line with auto production


  4. Captains of industryThis person worked to achieve vote for women


  5. William Randolph HearstPubliser of the NY journal newspaper


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