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  1. John D. Rockefeller
  2. militarism
  3. Bessemer Process
  4. Reasons for SpAm war PEAS!
  5. USS Maine
  1. a Protection of american businesses in Cuba
    Exaggeration in journalism
    American Support of Cuban Rebels
    Sinking of USS Maine
  2. b Battleship which exploded in Havana Harbor
  3. c A way to make steel quickly and cheaply
  4. d Policy of aggressive military preparedness; aggressive defensive preparedness
  5. e He controlled oil industry

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  1. Removal of an elected official by voters in a special election
  2. nomination of candidates for office made by voters
  3. People can vote directly on a proposed law
  4. Moderate reformers who worked to protect, preserve, improve American society
  5. Statment warning Europe to stay out of the US

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  1. urbanizationGrowth of cities


  2. Yellow feverWWI alliance that included Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Belgium and later US and Italy


  3. Ellis IslandBritish passenger liner sunk by a German U- boat in May 1915; the deaths of 126 Americans onboard contributed to the US entry in WWI


  4. 4 MAIN reasons for WWIThis person worked to achieve vote for women


  5. 19th AmendmentAddition to the Constitution forbiding production, sale, consumption of alcohol