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  1. Steerage
  2. Collective Bargaing
  3. Suffrage
  4. Naturalization
  5. Ellis Island
  1. a The section of a passenger ship occupied by people paying the least amount
  2. b Process immigrants go through to become American citizens
  3. c right to vote for women
  4. d union leaders negociate with factory owners for better ages with factory owners for better wages and working hours
  5. e An area in New York harbor that became a receving station for immigrants

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  1. Farming
  2. Treaty that ending the WWI that required Germany to pay billions of dollars of war coasts and established the League of Nations; Final peace settlement for WWI
  3. Buying from catologue; delivered by railroad or wagon
  4. Forced seperation of people of different races in public places
  5. When a nation avoids involvement with other countries

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  1. direct primaryElection in which nominations of candinates for office are made by voters


  2. IndustrilationThe growth of industry/ factories


  3. WEB du boisafrican american leader who felt full rights could be achieved through suffrage


  4. muckrakersJournalist who reported the negative conditions found in factories, cities, politics


  5. TenementA building divided into apartments; usually overcrowded, dirty, poorly built and very small