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  1. Rural
  2. Tenement
  3. initiative
  4. Mass Transit
  5. segregation
  1. a A building divided into apartments; usually overcrowded, dirty, poorly built and very small
  2. b A solution to moving large numbers of people; subway on the street
  3. c Forced seperation of people of different races in public places
  4. d Citizens propose a bill by petitioning with a specific number of signatures from registered voters
  5. e Farming

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  1. A person (native or naturalized) that owes allegiance to the gov't
  2. citizens propose a Bill by petitioning with a specific number of signatures from registered voters
  3. Growth of cities
  4. Organization for workers of an specific industry
  5. A section of the city in which many members of one national or ethnic group live; today usually home for the poor

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  1. American Federation of Laboran organization that combined workers from many different unions; one from the first union


  2. Fourteen PointsBattleship which exploded in Havana Harbor


  3. NationalismThe belief that a specific nation, language, or culture is superior to others; pride in your country on steroids


  4. Treaty of VersaillesTreaty that ending the WWI that required Germany to pay billions of dollars of war coasts and established the League of Nations; Final peace settlement for WWI


  5. Bessemer ProcessWWI alliance that included Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Belgium and later US and Italy