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  1. Jim Crow Laws
  2. segregation
  3. Yellow fever
  4. Rough Riders
  5. "Seward's Folly"
  1. a forced sepration of people of different races in public places
  2. b Group of soliders that fought in the SpAm War
  3. c disease that troubled in building if the Panama Canal
  4. d Laws passed after Reconstruction that legally segregated black and white
  5. e Nickname given to purchase of Alaska

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  1. Journalist who reported the negative conditions found in factories, cities, politics
  2. US bonds sold during WWI to raise money for loans to the Allies; when cashed in would repay with interest; a way to help pay for war craft
  3. Neighboorhood center staffed by professionals and volunteers offering to the poor
  4. process of a person, group or culture absorbing
  5. Most famous settlement house in the US

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  1. direct primaryThe section of a passenger ship occupied by people paying the least amount


  2. temperanceAgainst drinking alcohol


  3. Roosevelt corollaryAn addition to the Monroe Doctrine the US would police the Western Hemisphere


  4. Gilded AgeSituation in which neither side of a conflict can win a decisive victory; tie!


  5. NaturalizationImmigrant from southern and eastern Europe; 1885- 1910 Countries: Czechslovakia, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovac Countries: (Yugo: Serbia, Montenegro) Romania, Bulgaria