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  1. Gilded Age
  2. direct primary
  3. Suffrage
  4. Plessy VS Ferguson
  5. Booker t Washington
  1. a right to vote for women
  2. b Election in which nominations of candinates for office are made by voters
  3. c african american leader who believed in equality through education and accepted segregation
  4. d 1896 Supreme Court case that ruled seperate facilities legal is equal
  5. e Term to describe time period of the newly rich created by the growth of industry

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  1. Citizens propose a bill by petitioning with a specific number of signatures from registered voters
  2. ZITS
    Zimmermmann Note
    Inability to remain neutral
    US ties with great britain
    Sinking Lusitania
  3. British passenger liner sunk by a German U- boat in May 1915; the deaths of 126 Americans onboard contributed to the US entry in WWI
  4. When a nation avoids involvement with other countries
  5. Cities

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  1. Stalemateright to vote for women


  2. Jim Crow LawsLaws passed after Reconstruction that legally segregated black and white


  3. Henry FordCombined the assembly line with auto production


  4. Elizabeth Cady StantonThis person worked to acheive vote for women


  5. IndustrilationThe growth of industry/ factories