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  1. Naturalization
  2. Tenement
  3. Hawaii
  4. Gilded Age
  5. Steerage
  1. a The section of a passenger ship occupied by people paying the least amount
  2. b Process immigrants go through to become American citizens
  3. c Term to describe time period of the newly rich created by the growth of industry
  4. d A building divided into apartments; usually overcrowded, dirty, poorly built and very small
  5. e Pacific island nation

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  1. Publisher of NY World Newspaper
  2. The belief that a specific nation, language, or culture is superior to others; pride in your country on steroids
  3. Citizens propose a bill by petitioning with a specific number of signatures from registered voters
  4. Building an Empire by aquiring land
  5. Battleship which exploded in Havana Harbor

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  1. segregationforced sepration of people of different races in public places


  2. Yellow JournalismExaggerated news stories used to sell newspapers


  3. CorporationCompanies that consist of many parts;sell shares to investors to raise money


  4. WEB Du BoisAfrican american leader who felt full rights could be could be achevied through suffrage


  5. SpAm WarConflict between US and Spain