World Religions Test

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All religions stem, more or less directly, from primal beginnings


The aborigines are the native people of Africa


According to Aboriginal ritual lies a myth that tells of certain Ancestors' actions during the Dreaming


In Aboriginal religion both boys and girls undergo initiation rituals


The Yoruba prefer to live in rural areas


Esu, who mediates between heaven and earth, has an entirely god nature


Divination is an extremely important aspect of Yoruba religion


The religion of the north American Plains Indians serves as the model of pan- Indian religion


The Lakota believe that four souls depart from a person at death


The vision quest is supervised by a close family member such as a father or a brother


The sun dance is always presided over by a male sacred leader


For all tribes the major task in preparing for the Sun Dance is constructing the lodge


The Sun Dance has always been legal in the united states


Native American Languages have no words for religion


The Aztecs were a relatively small group of people who's civilization was very remote


The Aztecs believed that Teotihuacan was the origin of the cosmos


The Aztecs believed that the only way of delaying the end of the Age of the Fifth Sun was to nourish the sun through human sacrifice


Aztec "knower's of things" used divination to communicate with the gods


Nothing of Aztec has survived in today's world


Primal religions tend to be the traditions of
a. Tribal peoples
b. Non literate people
c. The most elite communities
d. Both a and b

both a and b

The foundation of Aboriginal religion is the
a. Axis mundi
b. Concept of the Dreaming
c. Wakan Tanka
d. Both a and b

concept of the dreaming

The aborigines believe that the spiritual essence of the Ancestors
a. Remains in various symbols the Ancestors left behind
b. Resides within each individual
c. Can be known only in the after life

Both a and b

both a and b

The primal traditions include basic features such as
a. Myth
b. Ritual to re-enact myth
c. Animal and on rare occations, human sacrifices

Both a and b

both a and b

The purpose of the Yoruba religion is to
a. Guard against the evil deeds of sorcerers and witches
b. Maintain the balance between the human beings of the earth and the gods and ancestors of heaven
c. Relieve the early days of creation
d. Both a and b


Most primal religions believe that the boundaries between the human and supernatural realms are
a. Easily crossed over
b. Crossed over only rarely with great difficulty
c. Impenetrable
d. Interchangeable

a. easily crossed over

Wankan Tanka is
a. One supreme god of the Lakota
b. Sixteen separate deities
c. The afterlife
d. The best way to live


The plains Indians often go for that ritual purification to a
a. Deep lake
b. Sweat lodge
c. Bath tub
d. Church

B. Sweat lodge

In a vision quest the vision arrives in the form of
a. An animal or some other natural object or force
b. A living friend or family member
c. A written message
d. Both a and b


The sun dance is a ritual that
a. Celebrates the new year
b. Prepares the tribe for the annual buffalo hunt
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

C. both a and b

Mesoamerica includes the present day countries of
a. Mexico
b. Costa Rica
c. El Salvador
d. Both a and b

Toplizin Quetzalcoatl

d. both a and b

The Aztec understanding of the Axis Mundi extended to
a. Human beings
b. Serpent mountain
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

b. serpent mountain

Tenochtitlan fell to the Spanish partly because Hernan Cortes was mistaken for
a. Toplitzin Quetzalcoatl
b. Quetzalcoatl
c. Moctezuma
d. Nahuati


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