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  1. erudite
  2. expunge
  3. doff
  4. olfactory
  5. circumscribe
  1. a to delete or omit completely
  2. b relating to sense of smell
  3. c to remove or take off
  4. d knowledgeable and learned
  5. e to encircle with a line, limit, outline, bound

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  1. poorly conceived, poorly planned, based on false assumptions or reasoning
  2. fond of company
  3. scarcity, lack
  4. sudden, unpredictable change, impules, whim
  5. watery, aquatic, liquid

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  1. repudiateto reject what one was once associated with


  2. torridsudden, unpredictable change, impules, whim


  3. reparteewitty conversation, retort


  4. wantonlywithout a reason


  5. deludeto deceive


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