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The 4 regions that make up the UK

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

The 2 houses of the British Parliament and which one governs the nation

The House of Lords & The House of Commons -the House of Commons governs

What purpose does the monarchy serve?

unifies British people

What is different in the British constitution?

- has a set of laws that are changeable

Why is trade important to the UK?

b/c it has limited resources

What factors have helped the UK become a leading member of the EU?

good supplies of fossil fuels, continues to export manufactured goods, shipping & finance

UK is governed by a?


Which region of the UK does not have a regional assembly?


One way Britian's colonies enabled it to become an economic power

by providing raw materials

EU member nations are trying to promote?

trade and cooperation among its members

In what fields have the French made important contributions over the centuries?

art, religion, music, literature, and philosophy

French acedemy

determines which words are officially accepted as part of the French language

high ceilings, thin walls, and the use ofcolumns and arches


French culture is changing why? And what region are most of these people coming from?

b/c of imigrants - N&S Africa and SE Asia

France is commited to

preserving traditional French culture

The Louvre Museum was originally built to be a?


Why did people from other countries move to France?

to find work

Sweden is a ________________ state


____________________ provides Sweden many services


Sweden's welfare problems----

taxes were increased and people bought fewer items, its companies grew less productive, the government had to borrow $

Which term best describes Sweden's welfare system?

it's a "cradle-to-grave" system

Sweden has a ___________ ________________ government

constitutional monarchy

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