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(1)400s BC
(2)Father of Western Medicine
(3)Taught that the brain is involved in sensation & intelligence
(4)Didn't Dissect


(1)400s BC
(3)Believed that reason resided in the head, superior portion in the heart, and inferior portion in the liver


(1)300s BC
(2)Father of Comparative Anatomy
(3)Plato's Student
(4)Believed the brain was the radiator


(1)100s AD
(2)Gladiator Physician
(3)Embraced Hippocratic View of the brain
(4)Dissected animals and injuries
(5)Discovered: proposed function for the cerebrum and the cerebellum, structure and function of the cranial nerves, spinal cord anatomy and function
(6) Found the Brain was hollow and proposed the fluid-mechanical idea of the brain


(2)Experimented on Frogs and electricity to discover nerves are like wires

Bell and Magendie

(2)Magendie discovered dorsal roots carried sensory (afferent) to the spinal cord
(3)Bell Found information was carried in 2 directions: ventral roots caused muscle paralysis (efferents)


(3)Localization of the brain


(2)Studied brain function on birds through ablation
(3)Believed brain was not localized


(2)Discovered speech localization
(3)Broca's Area

Theodor Schwann

(2)Proposed first cell theory

Franz Nissl

(1)Discovered Nissl stain which helps visualize Glial cells and Neurons

Camillo Golgi

(1)Discovered silver chromate Golgi Stain
(2)Believed the Reticular Theory which was an exception to the Cell Theory

Santiago Ramon y Cagal

(1)Used the Golgi Stain
(2)Produced many drawings
(3)Believed the Neuron Doctrine which complied with the Cell Theory

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