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Trail Boss

person who kept records, gave orders and supervised on the Drive


person who made sure everything was in order and followed Trail Boss' directoins

Drag Riders

person who follows behind the herd and is usually the least experienced rider


person who usually rode half of a day ahead of the herd

Swing Riders

people on the Drive who helped push and make sure the cattle turned the right way


person in charge of horses while on the trail


person who led where to go and rode at the front of the herd

Cook or Cookie

person who drove the chuck wagon and served as a cook or doctor- was usually an old or previously injured cowboy

Cattle Drive

term for a heard of cattle being pushed north to market by a group of cowboys


person who worked with cattle and was trained on a horse and knew how to rope

Round Up

term for when all the cattle are brought together to be branded, fed and counted, usually the day before the Drive

Sedalia Trail

trail that started in South Texas and ended in Sedalia, Missouri

Goodnight Loving Trail

trail that moved cattle in ranges of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana (started at Fort Concho, Tecas and ended in Cheyenne, Wyoming)

Great Western Trail

Started in Kerville, Texas and ended in Ogallala, Nebraska

Chisholm Trail

trail started in South Texas, near the King Ranch, and ended in either Elsworth or Abilene, Kansas)

King Ranch

largest ranch in Texas (15,500 acres) was started by Richard King and Mifflin Kenedy in 1853

XIT Ranch

ranch started by British investors-- the same ones who payed for the new Capitol in Austin-- XIT stand for "Ten In Texas". It is located in the Panhandle

JA Ranch

ranch started by Charles Goodnight and John Adair- located in the Panhandle near the end of the Red River

Santa Gertrudis Cattle

the breed of cattle that first came over with the spanish, were strong "red' cattle.

Texas Longhorn Cow

Cow that has 6ft. horns (total length), and could survive in the heat and in the long droughts of Texas

Henrietta King

woman who took over the king Ranch after Richard King, her husband, past away

Elizabeth Johnson Williams

woman who owned her own ranch, had a brand and had her own herd of cattle

J.F. Glidden

man who invented barbed wire for fencing

Joseph McCoy

man who seccessfuly persuaded the rail roads to move to smaller towns and drovers to move their trails to were the new rail roads were stopping


person who pushed the cattle on the trail (cowboy on the trail)


a hot iron marking that the drovers or wraqlers burned into the cows skin- formerly the dotting iron- usually the owners initials

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