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Gregor Mendel

father of genetics


genetically determined variant of a characteristic

height, position, color, appearence, texture

What were traits mendel observed about pea plants.


how did Mendel control breeding and track inheritance of traits


what are the male reproductive parts of a flower?


What are the female reproductive parts of a flower called?

P generation

true breeding parents of the crossing

f1 generation

offspring of p generation, to collect seeds

f2 generation

offspring of seeds produced from original p generation

Law of independent assortment

factors separate independently from one another during formation of gametes

molecular genetics

study of the structure and function of chromosomes and genes


two or more alternative forms of a gene


genetic makeup of an organism


appearence of an organism

Punnet square

used to predict outcome of genetic crosses

monohybrid cross

a cross which one characteristic is tracked

Homozygous recessive

both recessive traits

Homozygous dominant

both dominant traits


split traits both dominant and recessive

complete dominance

happens when Hetero and Homozy. individuals are individuals in phenotype

incomplete dominance

occurs when 2 or more alleles influence phenotype and results in a phenotype intermediate b/w dominant and recessive trait.


occurs when both alleles for gene are expressed in heterozygous offspring

dihybrid crosses

a cross where 2 characteristics are tracked.

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