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Test 5-7

Which of the following does NOT kill endospores?


Which of these disinfectants does NOT act by disrupting the plasma membrane?


Which of the following CANNOT be used to sterilize a heat-labile solution stored in a plastic container?


The eradication of nonenveloped viruses CANNOT be achieved by


Sterilization can be achieved by using


Which of the following methods causes destruction of DNA?


To sterilize heat-labile solutions, one should use

Membrane filtration

Which of the following is most likely to be bactericidal?

Ionizing radiation

Which of the following is used to control microbial growth in foods?

Organic acids

A classmate is trying to determine how a disinfectant might kill cells. You observed that when he spilled the disinfectant in your reduces litmus milk, the litmus turned blue. You suggest to your classmate that

The disinfectant might oxidize molecules

Which of the following is the MOST useful for disinfecting medical instruments


Which of the following is the BEST advertisement for a disinfectant

Kills pseudomonas

Which of the following is an advantage of the standard plate count

Determines the number of viable cells

Which of the following is an advantage of the direct microscopic count

Requires no incubation time

Which of the following is NOT a direct method to measure microbial growth

Metabolic activity

Which of the following is not an enzyme

Coenzyme A

Which of the following is not true about anaerobic respiration

It involves glycolysis

The enzyme-regulated energy requiring reactions are mostly involved in


Fatty acids are catabolized in

Krebs cycle

Enzymes increase the speed of a chemical reaction

Lowering activation energy

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