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Oral Transmission

oral and aural modes of transmission

Literary Transmission

Notated modes of transmission


the pulse that divides time into equal units.


the gathering of beats into regular groups.


the accent is place on the upbeats or between beats.


a note; basis of music.


The highness or lowness of a tone.

Major and Minor Scales

the designation for certain intervals and scales. Diatonic scale used in western music, 7 notes.

Pentatonic Scale

a gapped scale with five notes


sounds activated by vibration of string or string stretched between two points.


sounds activated by passing of air through a tube of some kind.


produces sound by way of a vibrating stretched membrane.


self-sounder, sound activated by vibration of the body of the instrument itself.


any instrument who's sound is produce by an electric current.

Monophonic Texture

a single line or voice

Heterophonic Texture

a single line is performed in varied versions at the same time.


a drone with a melody above it

Multi-melody texture/Polyphony

combinations of two or more separate melodic lines.


a fundamental pitch and a series of harmonic overtones.


notes of different pitch occurring together to form chords.

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