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Ch.37 and 38 quiz q's and chp. 38-39 objective summarys, plant control video guide(ch.39), ch.29 and 20 quiz, plant transport video guide,

All of the following contributed to the dust bowl in the american southwest during the 1930s

overgrazing by cattle
plowing of native grasses
planting of field crops
lack of soil moisture

why does overwatering a plant kill it?

The roots are deprived of oxygen

Sustainable agriculture

a farming commitment that embraces a variety of methods that are conservation minded, enviromentally safe, and profitable

what would be the most efficent strategy to remove toxic heavy metals from a soil?

adding plant species that have the ability to take up and volatize heavy metals

what is the general role of micronutrients in plants?

they are cofactors in enzymatic reactions

Nitrogen fixation

a process that converts nitrogen gas into ammonia

at the conclusion of meiosis in plants, the end products are always four haploid _____


what is considered to be a multiple fruit?


sequence during the alternation of generations life cycle in a flowering plant

sporophyte --> meiosis--> gametophyte --> gametes --> fertilization --> diploid zygote

recent research has shown that pollination requires that _____ recognize pollen grains as "self or non self"


For self-incompatibility, the system requires

the rejection of self cells

waht metabolic process is occuring at low levels in a full, mature, viable, dry seed?


If you chop off the top of a plant, can it still find which direction the light is coming from?



plant hormone that allows cells to enlarge


plant hormone responsible for cell divison


plant hormone responsible for

Abscisic Acid

plant hormone that is a big stimulator for germination


plant hormone in a gas form that ripens


Growth in response to something


When plant roots grow towards the earth and the stems grow up


When plants grow toward the light


A plant's response to touch


When plants flower when the night exceeds a certain amount of time


consists of the anther and filament, the male part of an angiosperm


consists of the ovary, ovules, stigma, and style, the female part of an angiosperm

Complete flowers

have all 4 basic organs


the stalk of the male system of angiosperms


located on top of the filament, contains microsporangia that produce pollen


Captures pollen


long slender neck for transport


contains ovaries at the base


having both female and male reproductive organs


having one sex reproductive organ, male or female

________ undergoes ______, produces a _____ gametophyte consisting of the ______ cell and ____ cell. These cells, along with the ____ wall constitute a ____ grain

Microspore; mitosis; male; generative; tube; spore; pollen


Transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma. Accomplished by wind, water, or animals.


One sperm, upon reaching the female gametophyte, fertilizes the egg, formin the zygote

Self incompatibility

General mechanisms, such as inhibiting the germination of pollen on stigmas, or the elongation of the pollen tubes in the styles, that prevent self pollination


Food storing tissue of the seed

Seed coat

formed from the integuments of ovule with embyo and food supply


surrounded by food supply


packed with starch before the seed germinates


young leaves


the embryonic axis


embryonic root


the shoot base apex and epicotyl


structural integrity of plant spores


directly involved in the construction of the cell plate during cytokinesis


common to both gymnosperms and angiosperms

Angiosperm double fertilization

so-called because if features the formation of one embryo involving one sperm cell and an endosperm involving a second sperm cell

Casparian Strip

blocks the water taken up by the root hairs, trying to get to the vascular tissues.

Water Potential

the measure of which way water is going to go. Always go from high to low

Guard Cells

regulate water in the plant by opening and closing

Plants perform both p_____s and r______n

photosynthesis and respiration

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