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22 terms

chapter 11- The Jackson Era

more than half
spoils system
practice of handling out government jobs to supporters
largest single share
a meeting held by a political party to choose their party's candidate for president or decide policy
nominating convention
system in which delegates from the states selected the party's presidential candidate
a tax on imported or exports
to cancel or make ineffective
to leave or withdraw
andrew jackson
came from the west
john quincy adams
son of former president
nullficiation act
declaring it wouldn't pay the "illegal" tariffs of 1828 and 1832
to force a person or a group of people to removal
indian removal act
forced native americans to move west
indian territory
an area in present-day oklahoma
tail of tears
cherokee people as the trail where they cried
refused to leave florida
a period of low economic activity and widespread unempolyment
henry clay
planned to issue of the bank of the united states to defeat jackson in the 1832 election
martin van buren
andrew jackson's friend and vice president
william henry harrison
a whig nominee and hero of the war of 1812
john tyler
harrison's running mate
james polk
democratic candidate for president in election of 1844