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evergreen, pyramidal with whorled branching pattern
Leaves flat and blunt or divided at tips
Female cones are born upright


needles are curved toward the tip and appear in tufted clusters
fruit is cylindrical cone


some native to western North America where they live 1000+ years, grows best in cooler, moist climates but often adaptable to Midwest
Branches usually flattened, frond -like: leaves opposite, scale-like

Maidenhair tree

True gymnosperm
deciduous, leaves fan shaped


varied habits
dioecious, cones used to flavor gin
resin can restrict plant growth

Dawn redwood

single species to have originated 50 million years ago
Twigs, needles and cone scales appear in opposite pairs
deciduous with linear, feathery, fern-like foliage


stiff needles that point in all directions
cones pendant at maturity
p. pungens, noted for blue color
a dwarf cultivar with showy red berries


needles in bundles of 2, 3 or 5
cone scales in some species with recurved prickle
some of the world's most important timber species

Bald cypress

alternate leaf bud arrangement, distinguishes it from the metasequoia


most have flat green needles
dioecious, female produce single-seeded, fleshy, red aril
great for the shade


erect seed cones, not showy
susceptible to snow damage
twigs densely covered with tiny, scale-like aromatic leaves in flat, fan-like sprays


bark cinnamon colored and furrowed
leaves are short and blunt with different sizes on same branch, 2 whitish bands of stomata underneath
will not thrive under hot, extremely dry conditions
unrelated to poisonous, herbaceous hemlocks that are members of the parsley family

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