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  1. concepts
  2. anchoring bias
  3. overextension
  4. script
  5. representativeness bias
  1. a Faulty heuristic strategy based on presumption that, once a person or event is categorized, it shares all features of other members in that category.
  2. b Faulty heuristic caused by basing (anchoring) an estimate on a completely unrelated quality.
  3. c A cluster of knowledge about sequences of events and actions expected to occur in particular settings.
  4. d Mental representations of categories of items or ideas, based on experience.
  5. e Use a word too widely.

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  1. Smallest unit of speech with sound.
  2. Ignoring or finding fault with information that does not fit our opinions, and seeking information with which we agree.
  3. Language determines thought.
  4. The way an issue is posed; how an issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgments.
  5. Inability to perceive a new use for an object associated with a different purpose.

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  1. language acquisition device (LAD)Structure in the brain innately programmed with some of the fundamental rules of grammar.


  2. mental setTendency to respond to a new problem in the manner used for a previous problem.


  3. underextensionUse a word too widely.


  4. morphemesSmallest unit of speech with sound.


  5. availability biasTendency, after learning about an event, to believe that one could have predicted the event in advance.