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calcium ions

Serves as the actual "go" signal for muscle contraction


neurotransmitter substance released at motor end plates by the motor neuron

calcium ions

Normally stored in the sarcoplasmic reticulum

aerobic respiration

A metabolic pathway that produces water, carbon dioxide, and ATP, and provides for a large amount of ATP per glucose because oxygen is used

creatine phosphate

A reserve, high-energy compound used to convert ADP to ATP by the tranfer of a high-energy phosphate group


Destroys ACh

synaptic cleft

The gap between the motor neuron and the muscle fiber it supplies is called the


The sliding filament theory of muscle contraction involves sliding of the


The only energy source that can be used to directly power muscle activity

tetanic contraction

A smooth, sustained contration is called


The end of the muscle that moves when a muscle contracts is called the


The movement that is commonly seen in a ball-in-socket joint is


Movement that decreases the angle between two bones; bending the knee


Movement along the frontal plane, away from the body midline; raising the arm laterally.


Circular movement around the longitudinal bone axis; shaking the head "no."


Describing a cone-shaped pathway with the arm.


Moving the hand into a palm-up (or forward) position


Movement of the superior aspect of the foot toward the leg; standing on one's heels.


Turning the sole of the foot medially


Only ______ muscle cells are multinucleated


The muscle tissue that is normally arrhythmic is ______ muscle


Only ______ muscle cells branch


Muscle is often attached to bone b strong, cordlike structures called _______


The ___ zone of a sarcomere contains no actin


The heads of the myosin myofilaments are called _______

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