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Colonial America

pp. 216-227
What was the Great Awakening?
It was an important religious movement among Christians that began in the colonies in the 1730's.
What is an almanac?
It's a reference book with helpful facts and figures.
What was the Stone Rebellion?
It was a slave rebellion in South Carolina in 1739.
What was school like in the colonies?
Students of all ages were in just one room.
What subject was not taught in colonial schools?
Social studies was not part of schooling in the colonies.
What did colonial children learn in school?
The learned reading, writing, arithmetic, and polite behavior.
Why did many of the colonists want to leave Europe?
They wanted to escape religious persecution.
What was one of the most popular books in the 13 colonies?
Almost everyone loved reading Poor Richard's Almanac.
What were common foods in the colonies?
Fish stew with vegetables was often on the menu.
People also ate bread, pancakes, donuts, pie, pudding, and ice cream.
How would you describe slavery in the South?
Slaves worked under sometimes harsh conditions on plantations. They were not free to come and go.
They often had to work with hundreds of other slaves. Some worked as planters, some as blacksmiths, and some as tailors.
How would you describe slavery in the North?
Slaves usually had more opportunities to improve their lives (they could buy their freedom by working extra jobs on nights and weekends), but they could not travel by ship without permission..
What did the slaves contribute to society during colonial times?
They had a variety of skills that could be used in cities and on plantations.
What did slaves NOT contribute to North America?
They did not know much about growing corn.
How did slaves try to keep their traditions alive?
They made instruments and played music.
What was one thing that did NOT help slaves keep their African culture alive?
Books were no help to slaves because most of them could not read.
How did slaves resist slavery?
Many tried to escape. Sometimes they would work slowly or break tools to show resistance.
What movement revived an interest in religion in the colonies?
The Great Awakening created a new interest in religion for many people in colonial times.
What is the oldest college in the United States, and where is it?
Harvard, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is the oldest college in the U.S.
Why did colonial children not have much time to play?
They had too many chores to do around the family's house or farm.
What kind of building was common during the Great Awakening?
Many colleges and churches were built.
Who wrote Poor Richard's Almanac?
Benjamin Franklin wrote the popular book.
What was the first newspaper in the 13 colonies to be published on a regular basis?
The Boston News-Letter was the first colonial newspaper to be published regularly.
How were slaves in the North able to buy their freedom?
They earned extra money by taking on other jobs at night and on weekends.