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The contract holder covered by an insurance program or mabaged care plan, who either has coverage through his or her place of emploment or has purchased coverage directly from the plan or affiliate.


A person who buys an insurance plan; the insured, subscriber, or guarantor.

Coorrdination of benifits

Two insurance carriers working together and coordinating the payment or their benefits so that there is no duplication of benfits paid between the primary and secondary insurance carriers.


A person applying for insurance coverage.


A specific dollar amount that must be paid by the insured before a medical insurance plan or gonerment program begins covering health care costs.

Patient Registration

Entry in an official registry or record that lists names of persons in an occupation who have satisfied specific requirements or by attaining a certain level of education and paying a registration fee.


An individual who promises to pay the medical bill by signing a form agreeing to pay or who accepts treatment constitutes an expressed promise.

Assignment of benfits

An arrangement by which a patient request that their helath benefits payments be made directly to a physician

Implied contract

A contract between physician and patient not manifested by direct words but implied or deduced from the circumstance, general language, or conduct of the patient

Intake sheet

A patient registration form also may be called a patient information form or intake sheet. A questionnaire designed to collect demographic data and essential facts about medical insurance coverage for each patient seen for professional services; also called a patent information form.


An individual record indicating charges, payments, adjustments, and balances owed for services rendered; also known as a ledger.

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