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Walt Whitman

"I hear america singing"
One of the greatest Am poets-- original free verse guy
About everyday sounds of work and happiness

Langston Hughes

famous black poet- wrote plays, auto bios, screenplays, "I, Too" poem about being treated badly, hints at whitmans poem, he is american just like everybody else

Amy Tan

"The Joy Luck Club" "Mother Tongue"

Death of a salesman

Arthur miller

The beat generation

1950's cold war/ red scare econ success
Writers- Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs
traveled around the world, beat means down/ out
took negative connotation and turned it around
ferlinghetti- "I am waiting"


"I am waiting"

American Indian Cultural Concepts

Respect- respect and humility are fundamental ideas
Relation- all things living things "alive" are related
Reciprocity- because related, all things show respect, nothing is taken away without something in return


a system of beliefs and values through which a group of people structure their influence


a conviction that various religious ethnic racial and political groups should be allowed to thrive in a single society


dramatic representation of culturally important truths
-convey beliefs and values
-beliefs about nature, social order, human native


have myths/ stories for the origin of things---the words, human beings

Purpose of oral stories

record/ transmit info within generations---all members equal ownership of collective memories

Types of stories (myths)

-origin and explanatory stories
-hero stories
-trickster stories

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