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the somantic nervous sytem is a component of the

peripheral nervous system

stimulated digeston i to inhibited digeston as the ____ nervous system is to the ___ nervous system

parasympathetic sympathetic

the sequesnce of brain regions from the evolutionarily oldest to newest isf

brainstem limbic system cerebral cortex

your conscious awareness of your own name and self-identity depends primarily on the normal function of your

cerebral cortex

in a recent car accident, tamiko sustained damage to his right cerebral hemisphere. this injury is most likely to reduce tamikos ability to

facially express emotions

the knee jerk reflex is controlled by interneurons in the

spinal cord

which region of your brainstem plays a role in arousing you to a state of alertness when someone nearby mentions your name

reticular formation

the branch of pyschology that systematically focuses on the pysical, mental, and social changes that occur throughout the life cycle is called

developmental psychology

during the course of successful prenatal development, a human organism begins as an

zygote and finally develops into a fetus

if research suggested that pregnant mothers use of an artifical sweetener caused harm to the fetus the artificial sweetener would be considered a


one of the most consisently damaging teratogens is


decreasing responsiveness to a stimulus to which one is repeatedly expose


mr and mrs batson cant wait to begin toilet training their year old daughter the batsons most clearly need to be informed about the importance of


piaget is best known for his interest in the process of

cognitive development

a concept or framework that organizes and interprets information is called a


three year old zara calls all four legged animals kitties her tendency to fit all four legged animals into her existing conception of a kitten illustrates the process of


adjusting current schemas to make sense of new information


in recognizing the inaccuracies of ones own ethnic stereotypes and revisin his or her beliefs an individual most clearly illustrates


what is the correct order of piagets stages of cognitive development

sensori motor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational

the awareness that things continue to exist eeven when they are not perceived is known as

object permanence

lisa attempts to retrieve her bottle after her father hides it under a blanket this suggest that lisa has a sense of


according to piage egocentrism is to conservation as the ____ stage is to the___ stage

preoperational concete operational

the acquisition of a sense of object permanence is most closely associated with the development of

stranger anxiety

the powerful survival impulse that leads infants to seek closeness to their caregivers is called


young children typically try to satay very close to their parents when they are in an unfamiliar setting this is


the process by which certain birds form attachments during a critical period very early in life is


erik erikson suggested that children with a secure attachment to their parents are especially likely to experience

basic trust

parents who are demanding and yet sensitively responsive to their children are said to be


vincents ability to reason hypothetically in his geometry class indicates that he is in the __ stage of development

formal operational

according to kohlberg, morality based on the avoidance of punishment and the attainment of concrete reqards represents a

preconventional morality

for regis to think its wrong to drive over the speed limit simply because he might get punished for doing so is demonstrating kohlbergs

preconventional stage of morality

avoiding physical punishment is to____morality as repsecting the laws of society is to ___morality

preconventional conventional

according to erikson isolation is to intimacy as role confusion is to


lolita vacillates between acting rebellious toward her parents and high school teachers and behaving with compliance and respect erikson would have suggested that lolitas inconsistency illustrates

role confusion

accumulated knowledge and verbal skills refers most directly to a persons

crystallized intelligence

henry disapproves of stealing jelly beans from his sister's easter basket because he thinks his mother will spank him if he does henry best represents a ___morality


if youre really concerned aout the rights and dignity of wome yigal asked his older brother how can you justify buying pornographic magazines yigals question indicates that he is in the ____ stage of development


when joan touched her infants cheek he turned his head toward te side that was touched and opended his mouth. joan was eliciting the

rooting reflex

the part of the cerebral cortex that directs the muscle movements involved in speech is known as

Broca's area

Henry disapproves of stealing jelly beans from his sister;s easter basket because he knows that it is against family rules. henry best represents a ___morality


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