Biological Therapies: Drugs

Anti-anxiety drugs
Calms down activity in the brain. Used for: OCD, general anxiety, acute problems.
:) Works very quickly
:( Highly addictive
:( Treats the symptoms but not the cause
Anti-depressants drugs
Eliminates all low moods. Bllocks the re-uptake of serotonin so theres more available serotonin in brain. Used for: depression, mood disorders, bi-polar.
:) Less side effects
:) Effective
:( Not instant up to 6 weeks to work
:( Treats symptoms but not the cause
Anti-psychotic drugs
Takes away/sedates the positive symptoms. Works by blocking the receptors for dopamine. Used for: schizophrenia - delusions/hallucinations.
:) Some patients are able to lead normal life
:( Only works for positive symptoms
:( Awful side effects