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  1. eradicate
  2. maul
  3. alliance
  4. anecdote
  5. controversial
  1. a join together for a common purpose
  2. b get rid of destroy completely, wipe out
  3. c rough up, beat, handle roughly
  4. d story, short account of someone's life, tale
  5. e arguable, debatable, something prompting disagreement

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  1. dismay, demoralize
  2. evil, spiteful, malicious
  3. flammable, easily anger
  4. unknown, nameless, lacking individuality
  5. active, forceful, high-powered

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  1. browsegraze, read casually, skim, scan


  2. fugitiveunfriendly, aggressive, warlike


  3. bewilderto puzzle


  4. voidcancel, completely empty


  5. iotasmidgen, bit,, small amount


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