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  1. reluctant
  2. tactful
  3. ultimate
  4. sodden
  5. prescribe
  1. a hesitant, holding back
  2. b diplomatic, discreet, polite, skilled in difficult situations
  3. c specify, order as a rule to be followed
  4. d soaked, spiritless
  5. e most important, extreme, basic, fundamental, terminal

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  1. cancel, completely empty
  2. active, forceful, high-powered
  3. to hurt someone's feelings, embarrass, discipline by self-denial
  4. faithless, erratic, capricious
  5. important enough for the purpose, barely good

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  1. maulstern, savage, cruel, ferocious


  2. substantialsignificant, not imaginary


  3. dishearteneddismay, demoralize


  4. anonymousstory, short account of someone's life, tale


  5. fugitiveunfriendly, aggressive, warlike