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  1. eradicate
  2. prescribe
  3. procure
  4. counterfeit
  5. docile
  1. a obedient, easily led or taught
  2. b get rid of destroy completely, wipe out
  3. c not real, imitation, copy
  4. d gain, acquire, obtain, bring out
  5. e specify, order as a rule to be followed

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  1. most important, extreme, basic, fundamental, terminal
  2. evil, spiteful, malicious
  3. arguable, debatable, something prompting disagreement
  4. hesitant, holding back
  5. flammable, easily anger

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  1. virtualsmidgen, bit,, small amount


  2. voidcancel, completely empty


  3. soddensoaked, spiritless


  4. frustratedisappoint, foil, cause feelings of discouragement


  5. mortifyunfriendly, aggressive, warlike