chapter 6 social studies

why was NY a good location for a port.
its good for shipping goods because it was near a cost
why were some port cities important to the economic success of the middle colonies?
they were major trade centers
what is one way the middle colonies different from the new england colonies?
middle colonies allows different religions of people live there, but not the new england colonies
which colonist was a leaderof the Great Awakening?
George White feild was the leader
with which Native American leader did William penn form a lasting peace?
Which document is an example of self-government in the middle colonies.
The Frame Of Government Of Pennsylvania
which two colonies did the english from after takig control of New Netherland from the Dutch?
New York and New Jersey
Whichgeographical advntage helped the middle colonies become known as the "bread basket" colonies?
fertile land/soil
Who had an economic success choice to make in order to pay to use a grist mill?
the farmer